What are the best time-management tips?

Ability to do everything on time, always meet your deadlines and hand reports in timely is all called time-management skills. We all need them. And in this article, we will present the best time-management tips, apps, and tools to help you be organized.

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People that achieve the most in life are those people that keep track of the time they have. It is commonly known that people that meet deadlines and strive to be always on time are happier than those that are in constant hurry and always late to different places. Students that hand their assignments on time tend to be more successful in the careers they pursue after the graduation. Well, and if you are looking for an encouragement, here is something you need to know: the top richest people on Forbes are the ones that wake up early and use their time to the max without missing deadlines and messing up with the rules.

So in this article we will talk more about the best tips for you on personal time-management, apps for time-management and tools that will help you acquire useful time-management skills.

The best tips on time-management

Write down these tips, but remember that magic won’t work unless you use your time to the fullest.
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  1. Successful people have a plan. It is better to start your day on the evening of the previous one. You need to take time to sit down and think of the most important tasks for you for the following day. You can do it in the morning, but evenings are usually better. Make sure that you stick to the plan instead of just letting things happen to you.
  2. You should set a certain amount of time for each of the tasks on your project. What we mean here is that do not just state what you need to do on a particular day, but be specific regarding your time. You only have a limited amount of time in your day and you need to take the most out of it not to waste a second of it. Your plan should look as follows: to do A task by 11 a.m., B task by 1 p.m. and C task by 5 p.m. This way you will help yourself to stay focused and meet deadlines.
  3. The next time-management tip is to use a calendar. You can get a paper calendar with special fields to write your tasks into or use an online application. It's nice to have a special place for a calendar in your apartment so that you can see your daily plans all the time. If you like technologies more, then get an online calendar and synchronize it with your mobile device or a tablet to always have your plan at hand.
  4. To improve your time-management skills, you might need to get an organizer. It is a helpful tool for you to work on your time-management skills. Make sure to write all the little details in it whenever you remember something coming up. If you have an organizer and you use it, you will always know where to find smaller tasks and things you need to do!
  5. Remember to meet the deadlines. Even if some deadlines are not set for you, do it yourself. You need deadlines and you need to remember them in order to be organized. Time-management is often stimulated by the time frames, so they are your allies, not enemies. Just stick to them!
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  6. Don’t take too much! Another time-management skill you need to master is saying “No” to tasks that are not necessary. You should even say “No” to things that you want to take but realistically speaking, you won’t have enough time in your day to finish them on time. So make sure to check whether all the tasks on your plan for a day are essential and whether you really need to do them.
  7. If you know that you are a late-comer, make sure to choose coming earlier as a goal. It won’t hurt if you wait for other people to come, but it will give you more time! It is one of the best tips on time-management! You should try sending your tasks before the deadline and finishing assignments earlier. If you send them earlier, you will have time to proof-read them or check whether everything is done properly, while in case you send everything in the last moment you will have no “second chances”.
  8. After you get an organizer and a planner, make sure to write amount of time you will have to do a certain task next to each activity on your plan. This time-management skill will make sure you are following the plan and will make it on time.
  9. Specialists say that it helps when you have a clock somewhere close to you. Setting goals is not helpful unless you see how fast the time flies and stick to the timetable. A clock can be a useful time-management tool for you, so place it next to your workplace.
  10. Another great tip to improve your time-management skills is to set alarms fifteen minutes before the time you set on your plan for a day. This is easy to do, especially if you keep all your tasks in an online calendar, as they have alarm function.
  11. People that can do several things simultaneously are priceless in certain areas but can often feel ineffective as it is hard for them to do just one thing at a time until they finish it. So try sticking to one task until the very end, put a check next to it on the list and move on to the next thing to do.
  12. It is also important to know that specialists recommend avoiding things that distract you and make you lose track of what you were doing. You can log out of all the social networks and close the tabs that keep sending you notifications. You can use checking your social network feed as a reward after an intensive time of work: do one task first and then rest in the social network for some time. However, keep in mind that most successful people do not spend much time on the social networks unless they are following accounts of people to look up to.
  13. You time-management skills will boost if you use special tools to help you stay organized. We will tell you more about time-management tools in a few moments. For now you can just check out the Egg Timer and see if it can be of any help for you in your work routine.
  14. Your time-management can suffer a lot from you being a perfectionist in cases when it is not even necessary. Make sure you don’t spend much time dealing with details that are not crucial and important to the project you are working on.
  15. If you have a lot of work to do, the best time-management skill for you would be setting priorities for things you have to do. You can do it right in your planner. Mark each task with a letter H that will stand for the “High priority”, M (medium) and L as low. In case you don’t have time to finish all of the tasks do the H-ones in the first place and proceed to the rest after it. You might also want to learn about the  80/20 principle that many successful people apply to their lives
    best time-management tips
  16. Do not do the entire job yourself; learn how to delegate tasks. Do not feel awkward to ask your colleagues or friends to do things they are good at for you. This way you will unclutter your life and focus on the biggest goal for your life.
  17. Combining tasks play a major role in time-management as well. You can make room for answering your emails altogether. Instead of splitting them to two tasks (work-related emails and personal ones) you can answer all of them together and save much of your time. So look into your plan and see what tasks you can put together and do together as well.
  18. There is a special term known as “time-wasters”. This term denotes things that are eating your time and bring no good to your personal development. Things like social networks, gossip resources, and other places you go to check quite often are “time-wasters.” Just overlook how much time you spend in there and how much time you actually need there.
  19. Feel free to leave earlier from the meetings that are no longer useful and are just stealing your time from doing what is really important. Do not let the fear of what people will think of you leaving push you to cross the set deadlines. Otherwise, you will have to eat in time that you set as time to do other tasks.
  20. Finally, the best time-management skill is you to leave some time in between the tasks. This means that you need to take short breaks as well as sometimes finish the previous tasks before starting a new one. So as they call it, save some “buffer time” in between the tasks.

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Stick to these tips on time-management and see how much more time you will find in your day! These tips will make you feel better about your effectiveness and life in general. Now let’s see what good time-management apps you can use as tools to be more self-organized and effective in your life.

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Time-management apps to boost your productivity

Apparently, time-management is a difficult thing to deal with as people are coming up with more and more apps that will either warn them that they waste too much time on unnecessary things or help you stay focused and tuned to achieve more in your work. Let’s see what these apps are and how you can use them in your daily life.

  1. The first application will help you work faster and access things and apps you need for your job quicker. This time-management app is called Launchy, and it was developed to help a user to get access to most important programs and places on his computer in a few clicks. This application is here to make sure it does not take you too long to start working right away. So save your time with Launchy!
  2. As the creators of Focus At Will states their application was developed to help those people that find it difficult to stay focused for a long time. Therefore, a combination of neuroscience and music they are aiming to increase your attention span by at least four times.
  3. The next application on our list is the best time-management tool as it helps you avoid the distractions like social networks. However, it is vital to note that with Pocketfree you won’t just ignore the social networks of yours or interesting resources you find online. Instead, you will save them forever in a “pocket”. So save interesting articles for later and get back to them during breaks or after all the tasks are done!
  4. One more time-management app you will love if you have troubles keeping track of all your timetables, plans and meetings are called Daily Agenda. This application will save and store the calendars from all of your different devices in one place to make it easier to see when your next meeting is and how much time you still have left before a deadline.
  5. In case you have dozens of different accounts in all kinds of applications, it's hard to remember all the passwords and not to lose your time trying to remember it when logging into your accounts. The creators of Universal Password Manager took care of that for you. And even more, there is a special password generator feature in the app that will save your time when coming up with different passwords. And as you know, this program will make your accounts more secure with a generated password.
  6. Cardmunch is an absolute necessity for businesspeople. This application is created in a way that one can take a picture of a business card with his/her smartphone and the phone will save the information about person and all the data from it on his/her phone.
  7. It is important to mention a time-management app called “MyLifeOrganized” (MLO), as you will love it as soon as you install it on your phone. This application can help you save all the plans you have for a day, create goals and make to-do-lists. The developers also mention that this application helps users set priorities and show you what parts to focus on. In short, this application will help you keep track of your life easily.
  8. Syncback Freeware is a time-management tool that backs up all of the files on your computer. In case something happens to the system, you will always have a “backup plan” with Syncback Freeware.
  9. This might sound impossible, but there is an application that helps you organize your thoughts to help you stay focused on what has to be done. This is a mind mapping application called Mind42, and it will boost your effectiveness.
  10. Toggl is a vital time-management application for those who need to track time they spend on different activities throughout their day. This application will help you see the real picture of how much time you spend on various tasks to help you change priorities or style of work after you analyze the data from Toggl app.
  11. Another helpful time-management tool is called RescueTime and it will help you see how much time on spend on “time-wasters”. Eliminating those things that steal your time will help you be more organized and productive.
  12. Remember The Milk is an application that will help you be in control of your own time. It is compatible with different devices which makes it a perfect app for all users. You can use this app to store lists and other things you need to do in one place.
  13. You definitely know about Evernote, as it has become a real necessity for time-management. You can save pictures in it, make notes and reminders, save voice messages, etc. This app plus the application we mentioned before is what you need to be as productive as possible.
  14. And last but not least, check out the Focus booster, which, as you understand from its name, helps you to stay focused all the time instead of getting distracted and procrastinating.

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As you see, there are many options for you to use in case you want to become better at self-organization and planning. Use the tips we mentioned above about time-management to do more in less time and the life to its fullest. And check out the application for time-management, as they will make your life so much easier in no time, you will be surprised you have so much time in your day!

And remember to have rest, as you productivity depends on your physical and moral health condition. No time-management tips can be helpful if you are exhausted. Take care!

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