What is Sanusi's Lamido Sanusi story?

Many people claim that they constantly get inspired by the story of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. What is so special in his biography? Keep reading and find the answer to this question.

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Lamido Sanusi is a bright personality and a great motivation for many people. And here is what you need to know about the man from his biography. Lamido Sanusi was born into a family of the Emir of Kano. Lamido was born on a beautiful day of July, 31 in 1961. His place of birth was a beautiful famous Kano city in the North of Nigeria. His grandfather used to be one of the Emirs of Kano, and the whole family belonged to an old Torobe Fulani clan.

The father of our hero used to work as an Ambassador from Nigeria to China, Canada, and Belgium. So he was constantly involved in the politics and Foreign Affairs of Nigeria, met famous politicians and prominent world-known people. Lamido Sanusi’s father was also a diplomat at his own time. This all created an atmosphere in which Lamido was raised. Discussions on serious topics, talks about the world news and changes in political ideas as well as introduction to various famous people is what Lamido Sanusi’s childhood consisted of.

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For instance, trusted sources show that Lamido Sanusi was introduced to the British Secretary of  State, Mister Allen Lennox-Boyd. As a child, he had no idea what was going on, but that is how Lamido Sanusi’s  family were preparing him for the future life in the same circles.

Lamido Sanusi started his education path at one of the Catholic schools in Kakuri, Kaduna. He studied there until he received his first certificate known as the First School Leaving Certificate. He decided to continue his studying and entered the King’s College which I s located in Lagos. He studied there for four years and later went to study at the Ahmadu Bello University.

His major at the University was in Economics. However, he decided to continue his studying in Islamic Law. For that reason, he entered the University in Sudan in 1981. Lamido Sanusi was also a member of the National Youth Service and after that, he returned to the first university he studied at to get another degree. He was such a good student that got his diploma with honors in 1984. This was supposed to be a beginning of a brilliant career for Lamido at that point.

Another page in Lamido Sanusi’s biography started with him teaching at the Ahmadu Bello University. He taught economics, as this was his biggest love and passion at the time. However, he only taught it for several years until he changed his course and went to work in a banking field.

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Right after quitting his job at the University, Lamido Sanusi left to work for a big company where he first learned how the banking system works. Specific areas of his specialization at the Icon Limited were the following:

    Denationalization and reducing state involvement in business activities

    Consulting services and management consultancy services

    Transfer and assignment of the debt

    Market surveillance

    Activities of the underwriting house

    lending facility activities

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The company Lamido Sanusi worked for was a partner company with Morgan Guaranty Trust Bank of NY as well as a well-known Baring Brothers of London. That is why his experience in working for this company was quite valuable. However, after he spent seven years working for this banking system he left to continue his studying.

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His next studies were in Arabic, but after some time he decided to get deeper into Shariah and Islamic Laws. He studied these disciplines at the International University of Africa, which is in Sudan. He was a student of this educational establishment for six years after which he returned to the bank management. After he had graduated from the University, he was offered to join the United Bank of Africa. He was one of the staff members who were in charge of the credit exposure management. In the course of fewer than five years, he was promoted a few times, and that is how he ended up being one of the General Managers of the Bank. By the beginning of 2005 Lamido Sanusi became the main topic for discussions in the articles, as he was a miracle and a huge success and example to follow by the people of his own time.

Later in his career, he moved on to work for the First Bank of Africa, as they invited him to work for them as the Manager of the Risk Regulation and business coordinator of the Bank. He also got into the history of the Bank as the first man from the northern part of the country to be in charge and lead the company. However, this fact did not stop the Bank management from appointing him to this position in the view of his numerous qualifications and talents in this field.

 These were not the only positions Sanusi was entrusted with. He was a member of the Board of Directors of the First Bank of Africa as well as one of the managers of the Discount House. Lamido Sanusi got most famous when in 2009 he became the Leader of the Central Bank of Nigeria. He was appointed by the President Umaru Musa Yar`adua, even though he never knew him in person.

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The process of his election last longer than always, as the country was in the middle of the economic crisis, and only the best of the best could have been elected to lead the country out of the situation. Anyway, in the course of long hot discussions, Lamido Sanusi was given a privilege of being the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria. However, unexpectedly to the authorities that appointed him to the position, as soon as Sanusi got into his Governor’s chair he started open criticism against the President’s plans and policies. This page in Lamido Sanusi’s biography was full of struggles and fights, as he shared his opinions about the plans of the President that were unrealistic and even silly to believe in. He mentioned that it would be better to set goals that can be achieved in the following several years and then proceed to new ones.

The main strategy of Lamodi Sanusi was aiming to change the system that existed at the time. He wanted to change the state of minds, overwhelming corruption levels and that is why he started a war against the current management of different organizations. He sued managers that lent money to the companies they owned, or those who were involved in money-laundering, or those taking bribes. During the time of his management, a lot of managers lost their positions, as he was not afraid to start a serious campaign against the sad famous Nigerian corruption.

It is thanks to Lamido Sanusi that Nigeria accepted a series of new regulations and laws. Among these laws are those that make it compulsory for a director of a company to retire if he spends more than ten years at this position. The other one is that non-executive managers cannot have the tenure right for more than twelve years. The third reform by Lamodi Sanusi that caused much fuss around it was that the company has to change the external auditors every ten years.

Sanusi's Lamido Sanusi story

Lamodi Sanusi was the initiator of creation of such institutions like National Pension Commission, Securities and Exchange Commission and others that were aiming to improve the situation with the financial regulation in the state. In the view of his boldness and courage he took to oppose the current authorities and corrupted ruined system in Nigeria, Lamido Sanusi was awarded several honors, titles and recognitions including that of the Man of the Year which he received from three newspapers in 2009, the year he had the most influence in his circles.

Lamido was also believed to be the Most Influential man of the Year in 2009. Lamosi Sanusi was not only interested in growing professionally but also pursued the religious enlightenment. He studied Islamic law to understand Islam better. He stated that even though he believes that Islam is the true religion and is absolutely worth following, he sees things in it, he would want to change. He did not mention whether he was going to add any changes to the Islamic Law in Nigeria, but he mentions his disappointments with Islam in his articles and posts.

Therefore, as you see, Lamido Sanusi is not only a man worth knowing about career-wise. He managed to combine his personal beliefs, talents, and religious aspirations altogether. He saw a goal and was going to it through all the difficulties. Of course, his family played a huge role in building his character up, but he was also proactive in finding ways to grow and develop his personality. So get inspired by his example and go change the world just like he did. Good Luck!

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