What new startups will contribute to the development of Nigerian e-commerce?

What are new beneficial startups that promise to help develop Nigerian e-commerce market? What are they specialized in? Learn more from the article.

Nigerian e-commerce

We all hear this word increasingly often. “Startup” is a way people call both small ventures organized by young people and big businesses from a Silicon Valley. However, not all of us know what a startup, a Nigerian startup, in particular, means.

According to Forbes, a startup is not just a name of business but rather a state of mind. People that come up with ideas for startups are `willing to invent something new that will influence the existing state of things right away. If they see certain situations that they find dissatisfactory, they find an innovative way to solve it. A startup is a venture that existed not more than five years, and after that, it will turn into a regular high-technology company.

Nigeria is at such a point in its development that startups and new organizations are exactly what they need to forgo traditional inadequate methods and enter a new era of e-commerce in the country. In the recent years, the only successful business in the state was that of oil production and distribution. However, it made the welfare of only a few people better than before. The rest of the Nigerians need to come up with other sources of achieving better living standards.

As soon as this thought entered the minds of Nigerians, they realized that they need to move into a global Internet market that has been forgotten by them so far. Now, we are about to celebrate the emerging of three very promising Nigerian startups in the e-commerce field.

nigerian e commerce sites

The first on our list will be Udiit. This startup was developed by Tweaks Media and was made to be a common marketplace where people would be offered to purchase different sermons, teachings, audiobooks and music tracks. On top of that, there will be particular poems of local and international authors as well as the academic podcast, state the owners of the marketplace. This Nigerian e-commerce site is going to face difficulties on its way to the triumph.

Start with the fact that Nigerians are used to getting free digital stuff online, and a shift in their mentality to paying for things they used to get for free will not take place right away. Nevertheless, the creators of this venture hope that Nigerian s will learn to respect the copyrights of lecturers, preachers, and musicians and will soon tune their minds on the same wave with the rest of the civilized, say, European, countries that pay for all this stuff since a long time ago.

Having a bigger perspective on this Nigerians’ state of mind, the developers of Udiit have decided to make their resource attractive by offering their clients things that no other Nigerian e-commerce start-up can provide. The list of benefits of Udiit can be started with the fact that customers can choose how much they want to pay for certain things. Moreover, they state that their Customer Service Representatives are better trained than any other to answer quick and help the users by all means.

Finally, their advantages also include the very lenient fee schedule for each of the items on the platform, as well as bonuses and attractive payouts for the authors and holders of the copyrights. According to the words of the founder of Udiit, Ekemini Akpan, this Nigerian e-commerce startup is destined to become a real success in the nearest future.

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Our next impressive and innovative Nigerian startup is a hit of an e-commerce market. It is called Frakem, and so far it is so far the best marketplace for both manufacturers and consumers of building materials. All the effort users spent on searching for all kinds of materials online can now be used for something different, as with Frakem all this work can be done within seconds. Everything you might ever need for your remodeling process is here: just use the filters to sort things out and choose what you like the most.

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It should be considered as boasting when Frakem staff state that their venture is the best one on the area, as it is true. They have built an important bridge between those manufacturing materials and people looking for these materials. This Nigerian e-commerce website not only presents the materials by Nigerian producers but also by those from all over the continent.

And the best part about this website is that all the orders are delivered right to the customer’s door. And this service is absolutely free of charge. What a step forward, Frakem!

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And finally, another promising startup on the Nigerian e-commerce market in 2106 is called Supercar. You can find it at supercar.ng to learn more about it yourself. We will just say that this startup is focused on all the details that have something to do with all sorts of vehicles.

This startup is aiming to be the answer to five most critical questions of vehicle distribution and usage. The areas of these questions include those of vehicle purchase, vehicle sale, vehicle insurance, vehicle loan issues and purchasing of parts for the vehicle. It is not working yet, as the official launch of the startup is scheduled for September 30, 2016. Some people familiar with the matter state that this huge startup can focus on one particular area at the end, as it might be time and the funds-consuming process they might be able to deal with.

So keep these Nigerian startups in mind and check them out when time comes for them to launch. If any of them are something you find useful, do not hesitate to support these guys in their beginnings, as it is never easy to be a pioneer. Follow their activities and let us hope it will work out for them and the whole Nigerian e-commerce market in the best way.

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