Who are the recipients of Promasidor Quill Awards 2016?

Who won the Promasidor Quill Award in 2016? Who did panel of judges considered to be the best reporters of the Year? Read my article to find out.

Quill 2016

Started as just an idea and later launched as a huge event for Journalists from Nigeria, Promasidor Quill Awards is now held on regular basis. The event is dedicated to the efforts journalists put into their work and awards only the best among them.

 This year the event was outstanding. The participants came to the event earlier, walked down the red carpet and dived into the atmosphere of luxury and fame.

Jury consisted of the prominent artists and professionals in different spheres. Among them were veteran journalists, architects, scholars and photographers. Check out the panel of judges:

  1. Ray Echebiri (British financial journalist)
  2. Kadaria Ahmed (TV celebrity; reporter)
  3. Reze Bonna (photographer; prominent architect)

quill award

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The head of the panel of judges was Ambassador Patrick Dele Cole. The winners were promised to get great prizes as well as recognition in the international mass media which is extremely tempting and encouraging for Nigerian journalists.

The award has seven categories, namely Corporate Social Responsibility, Industry, Children and Nutrition, Education, Future Writer, Brand Advocate and Best Photo Story of the Year. The journalists are welcome to send their entries for the panel of judges to decide on the winner of the category.

quill award 2016

This year the journalists were encouraged to send their application starting from January 14, 2016. However, the articles that were applied could be dated between May 1, 2015 and April 14, 2016.

The criteria to receive the award are very serious. The author has to provide accurate information in his/her article in an innovative interesting way. The article should be of educational value as well as contain in-depth research and analysis. So it is not hard to see that they panel of judges only choose the best of the best.

The First Prize Winner 2016 became Aijbola Amzat currently employed by Guardian Nigeria. He received the prize from the hands of the last year Winner, TaiwoAlimi (currently working for Nation Newspaper). Amzat received valuable prizes including free 4-week professional skills training at Thomson Foundation in London as well as an iPad, etc.

quill award nigeria

However, this was not Amzat’s only title. He was also praised for an article in Children and Nutrition winning the race with Olatunji Ololade (Nation Newspaper) and Isioma Madike (SudayTelegraph), two leading journalists and nation-wide newspapers of Nigeria.

Amzat mentioned how proud and honored he felt by being recognized as the overall winner. He emphasized that Quill is an opportunity for journalists to  aim to achieve only the highest height in their profession. He also stressed that the only reason to work as a journalist is when you know that it is your call and the biggest passion of your life. Otherwise, you will stay mediocre and will easily get frustrated.

Nigerian quill award 2016

The other winners include Olatunji Ololade in the category of the Best Corporate Social Responsibility and Industry Article, Tunde Ajaja (Future Writer of the Year), Kemi Busari (Prominent online-journalist), Tobi Aworinde (Best Education journalist), Daphne Uduneje (Leading Advocate 2106).

The organizers said that they hope to see even more talented journalists applying for the award. The main goal of the Quill Award is to bring journalism skills to a brand new level and let the writers strive to achieve better results, fight for accuracy and educational value of the information and honesty in the facts provided.

All the winners were awarded with the latest iPad, while the best Photo Story Winner got an excellent camera as a prize. We are looking forward to see new winners at Promasidor Quill Award 2017!

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