Who is Mr. NIgeria 2015?

Is this the right guy? Do you think he is hot? What is his name?

Have you heard about Mr. Ideal Nigeria 2015? Who is the winner? Who has managed to prove he is the hottest man in Nigeria? Plenty of Nigerian girls are eager to know his name and to see him. So, let’s find out everything about him!

John Iwueke

About the Mr. Ideal Nigeria show

Mr. Ideal Nigeria 2015 took place at The Bespoke Events Center Lekki at 6 p.m. on the 5th of April (it was Easter Sunday). There were several judges and they were looking for an outstanding male model, who will break international grounds. Every member of jury was carefully selected and had great experience in world fashion. There were 60 participants in total. So, it was really hard to decide who was the best of all.

Mr. Ideal Nigeria

Biography and personality of the winner

John Iwueke has become the hottest man in Nigeria. He represented his native state of Bayelsa during the contest. He is just 21, but he is already adored and loved by many people of Nigeria. What is more – this attractive man has represented whole Nigeria during Mister Africa International of 2015 (which is actually the biggest black male fashion competition in the whole world) in Angola and Amsterdam. Moreover, after winning a competition, he has got an opportunity to become a prominent model with the help of international modelling contract.

John Iwueke Mr. NIgeria 2015

John Iwueke does everything to keep fit. It helps to stay in modelling business. You can find lots of his photos from the gym in Instagram. Moreover, there are plenty of his hot pictures on the Internet. According to the reports, one of such photos was a part of so-called naked campaign. It was devoted to raising HIV awareness for World AIDS day. However, this shoot teases many women across Africa, as he is really hot!

Who is Mr. NIgeria

Business affairs

As the news says, Iwueke also has entrepreneurial mind. He initiated his own perfume line. His new fragrance got the name JI for CHAKA. He claims is has been created only for truly African men. It was launched in August 2015, while sales started in September. Besides, it is available not only within Nigeria, but also in the neighboring countries, such as Ghana, Uganda, and some others. As John admits, he has not hesitated about what to do after winning; he has always preferred looking and smelling good. His perfume appeared to be oriental fragrance with unique and wonderful blend of lavender, fresh woods, vanilla, and lemon grass. It makes men feel confident and stylish.

Mr. Ideal Nigeria show

Mr. Ideal Nigeria is always the most adorable and wanted man in the country. People are interested in his life, want to look at his photos, and follow him in the news. Every handsome guy has a chance to try and become the next sexiest male! Never mind how young you are. John Iwueke has managed to win being just 21, so you can do it as well! Take care of your body, develop your muscles, and be purposeful! We will soon find out who will become Mr. Ideal of 2016.


Very nice guy, to be honest did not think that the male model can be so beautiful. He has a great future, just won a big competition, and achieve more mnogovo. Yes, and let your perfume, I can only dream of such a man, like many girls. It is very sexy and smart guy is now a combination of such a man are very rare. Suppose you're lucky in his life with his future wife, because I would have been jealous of the husband. Before that, he Shoal long time, because you need more time to make yourself such a beautiful body shape.

Answered 2 years ago.
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