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Who would it be in 2006? (NFL)

There are speculations that this year's road to super bowl will be extermely difficult, From the East we have the Redskins with Joe Gibbs who will be trying to upgrade his reputation as one of the best NFL coaches ever, The Dallas Cowboys would be looking for a great season with Roy Willliams , the Minnesota Viking would be expecting more from quarterback Culpepper. Now Baltimore Ravens would expect Jamal Lewis to take them to the playoff this year if not the superbowl

Last year's champion, Lost their defensive coach, they lost Wide receiver Patten to the Redskins and a couple of other players. Teddy Bruschi will be out for the begining of the season and maybe the whole season due to injury,. then the number one defensive team Pittsburg will be expecting more from their quarter back and Runningback Bettis. They look pretty tight. Not to forget the mighty quarterback who broke Dan Marino's record of 48 touchdowns by setting a new record of 49 touch downs. I hail Peyton Manning. From the east again we have the Eagles, with T.O making 14 touchdown last year, he looks like he is on top of his game. Then comes one of the greates quarterback of all time Micheal Vick, Vick would be looking forward to take the Falcons to the superbowl. There are other players or team i didnt mention, i would like to know who you think has what it takes to make it.

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