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Can You Marry Someone Who Doesn't Believe In God?

Hello there,

There are some of us (Nigerians) who actually don't believe in God. We don't go to church, we don't go to mosques. Some of us can be quite moral, gentlemen, and not players. We are as faithful and honest (or dishonest) as the average Christians, and sometimes more so. But we just don't believe in God. At all.

Suppose you meet someone who is so sweet, so loving, so gentle, so understanding, so caring, so attractive, so charming, etc. Someone who is everything you have ever wanted in a husband or wife. But that person just doesn't believe in God and despite all your efforts cannot believe (or refuses to believe).

If that non-believer in God asks you to marry him/her, will you oblidge, and under what conditions (if any)?

Thanks a million!

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CNN Report: 'How To Rob A Bank.' Do We Deserve The Insult?

I watched the CNN report "How to rob a bank"a few days ago.That i was pissed is an understatement.Do we deserve to be treated this way by a country which economy benefits from Nigerians even more that Nigeria?

Thank God Nigerians in that country have risen against it.

I think America is overstepping it's bounds.We all know who the CNN speakes for.

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