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What Happened to Your Ancestors Who Didn't Know Christ?

Before Europeans felt the need to spread Christianity, worldwide, did those who died all suffer the fate of hell

How were these people to know who, or what, God and 'His message' was when they had no access to the Bible or missionaries? 

Again, what do you guys think happened to your ancestors who didn't know Christ?

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Voodoo: Do You Believe In It?

As a Nigerian, we all have come across or heard about voodoo at on time or the other in our life. But are the so-called powers of African traditional religion real?

Growing up in Nigeria I heard a lot of stories about people being cursed or hunted by underwater spirits or the ever famous "mamiwater". To be frank with you all it is really scary and something that i don't want anything to do with.

But why do some Nigerians always have to resort to voodoo practices to haunt people they don't like, or people that are successful and they are not happy with it or to make people suffer. Do people have to be that wicked?

Personally, I do respect voodoo but i don't believe in it. I want to know what you guys think and please be as objective and realistic as possible. Cheers.

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