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Motorbike Riding is Fun. Don't you Agree?

Motorbikes are more Fun?

Why are motorbikes (by motorbikes I do not mean okada, but serious machines) not more popular around here? Weather is fine all around the year, lots of places to move around, so why there are no motorbike clubs, more people using them for fun and/or mean of transport??

1. Attraction for the rider. Everywhere else where I have been, a motorbike is a point of attraction on the road. A cool bike, nice suit and helmet and you can pick any girl for a ride. Doesn't really matter if the rider himself is ugly or has bad manners.

2. The feeling. The ones that have tried a power bike at least once know what I am talking about. It's 10k times more fun that any car, full of adrenalin.

3. Beat the traffic anytime.

That would be the first 3 things that I can think of; so why not?

Do you, ladies and gentlemen, like 2 wheeled rides?

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