How to pack luggage correctly?

Do you know how to pack luggage in such way so you will take everything you want and have the most enjoyable journey? Check out the six most useful tips on how to pack your luggage correctly.

pack luggage correctly

If you have plans to travel, you need to know how to pack a suitcase to take with you.

1.    Check the weather

It is really important things which most people forget to do.  You always should check the weather to decide what clothes to take. If you are going to the tropical destination, take just clothes for sunny days, but don’t forget that cool weather may also be there too.

Check the weather

2.    Make a list

First, you need to think what you will wear every day of your traveling. Choose pieces which you can mix and match with each other and be sure to add few pairs of underwear and socks.

Remember, if you travel by plane, you always should have the extra set of clothes in your carry-on luggage. Also keep your medicines in your carry-on as well, along with a toothbrush, wallet, etc. The reason is that you can never be 100% sure, that your luggage will come in time.  It can be misplaced, and you don’t want to be stuck with your traveling clothes until rest of it shows up.

Make a list

Talking about valuable watches and jewelry, it is better to leave it at home. Or if you take it, keep them in a travel belt on your body. After you have figured everything out, write it all down, or type up and print out. When you put each item in your bag, cross it off your lost. This way you will check that everything you need is packed.

Make a list

Be, also, sure to take this list with your to cross items on your return trip in order not to leave anything in the hotel room.

3.    Bottoms first

Heavy items and shoes should be put at the bottom of your luggage. If you have a bag, which you will carry, the heaviest bits should be right next to the hinge that attaches the lid.  If it’s a luggage piece on wheels, the bulky bits should be right at the bottom, above the wheels.

 Bottoms first

Your shoes, boots, and packed purses are ideal spots to carry smaller items within: tuck jewelry, socks, gloves, belts, extra glasses, etc. into these to maximize space. When the heavy bits were placed, use the spaced in between them for small items such as underwear, socks, rolled-up bathing suits, etc.


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4.    Fold your clothes

Some people believe that rolling clothes to fit into luggage is a good idea. However, it is not, rolled clothes are only wasting time.  Items that are folded lay flat as opposed to those which are rolled.


The first layer will be on top of your shoes. This layer should be comprised of the thickest fabric, such as jackets, jeans, sweaters, and khakis. The one interesting trick is to leave a little gap right in the center of your luggage. You will place here toiletry, which is described in the next point. If you have any spaces left around the edges, put there some things as a hairbrush, extra book and so on.

   Fold your clothes

5.    Toiletry bag

So, we have some gap in the center of our suitcase. Now it is time to put here your personal care products and fragile items. Small bottles of perfume should be kept in zip-able freezer bags because they can leak. 

personal care items

Remember that if you’re flying, any liquids or gels have to be packed into travel-sized containers and stored within a clear plastic bag in your checked luggage.

Toiletry bag

6.    The top layer

The upper layer should contain delicate and lightweight fabrics, which can wrinkle easily. You even can wrap silk items in tissue paper to protect them from damaging. For example, it is the essential thing to do if you are bridesmaid traveling to the location of the wedding and you have a very delicate dress.

 The top layer

We wish you to have a pleasant journey. Watch the video learn more useful tips!


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