How to pass US visa interview in Nigeria

Think it is a time to make your dream come true and fly to USA? Then learn how to successfully pass visa interview in Nigeria.

Travelling to the USA is a dream for many people. However, you must go through certain types of procedures to get there. The most important thing you'll need is visa. There are several formal steps of receiving it, but the key one is face-to-face with consular officer. Not all of us actually know how to pass US visa interview in Nigeria.
How to pass US visa

If you are planning a trip to USA, get ready for particular difficulties and expenses. You should have all necessary documents. Besides, make sure they conform to the existing requirements.

Why you must visit the USA and get visa

If you still doubt whether you should or shouldn’t go, we offer the following reasons:US visa interview in Nigeria 2

  1. Improve your English. A native speaker probably doesn’t need it, however, it still might be a positive experience of communicating with Americans. They have special accent and you may learn English from the other side.
  2. Cultural issue. You can not only find out more about American culture and history, but also share your own one with them.
  3. It can help to keep Nigerian traditions alive and make them more widespread and famous around the world.
  4. Meet new people. Americans are very friendly. This is nice opportunity to get acquainted with plenty of interesting people, to learn something new from them, and to make friends. Thus, you can create international connections between your countries.
  5. Work opportunities. In the USA, there's great quantity of companies, which are looking for specialists from abroad. You can try to apply for one of the jobs. It’s also possible to go and try a plain job, such as shop assistant, etc. It would be positive and useful experience as well.
  6. Tourism. America's a big and wonderful country. There're so many places to visit there. That’s why you can go just for the aim of travelling around it. You can learn great number of new and exciting things.
  7. Having fun. There're lots of places, where you can relax and have fun in the US. Visit, for example, Las Vegas or Disneyland.
  8. Education. The majority of universities and colleges accept students from abroad. There exist plenty of exchange and other programs. Apply for one of them and get good education. You can get bachelor or master degree. It’s also possible to sign up some courses and get a certificate.

    There're much more opportunities in this country and reasons to go there. Choose the one for you and try.

Types of US visa

As there can be various reasons and purposes for travelling, there exist different visa kinds. There're also several methods of grouping. The first one’s by purpose. Visas might be:

  1.  interview in NigeriaTransit. You need such type when you aren't able to reach destination without passing through other state. Such visas are usually short in term – from several hours to ten days. There exist airside (for those countries, which require them to make change on their territory) and crew member ones (for instance, for stewardesses).
  2. Official. It’s only for officials and government needs. For example, diplomatic visas.
  3. Short-stay. There might be private (for seeing a friend), business or medical, tourist visa, etc. They are suitable for short limited visits.
  4. Long-stay. They are for longer staying, however they're limited as well. It may be student, journalist or working visa, etc.
  5. Immigrant. They are for those, who're eager to become permanent residents of certain country. The particular kind depends on the grounds. There can be spousal, marriage, pensioner visas, and so on. They are mostly for the aim of living in the USA. The second division is by the method of issuance. They might be:
  6. On-arrival. There’re states, which can make this document at port of entry. No prior preparations are necessary.
  7. Electronic. You can apply via the Internet. After this, visa will be stored in the special database, while any marks and labels in your passport aren’t obligatory.
  8. Traditional method of obtaining visa’s to apply for it at an embassy of country you want to visit.

These are common types. First thing, you must decide before applying, is which of two main types you need – immigrant or nonimmigrant. All the other kinds depend on them.

Applying for US visa in Nigeria

When you’ve finally decided to apply for a US visa in Nigeria, you must know, how to pass US visa interview in Nigeria. Find out about procedure and follow every step very carefully. Let’s observe the papers, which must be prepared for successfully getting visa and their requirements. Their list includes:
How to pass US visa

  1. Passport (it must have validity date six months more than period of your planned stay).
  2. E-mail and phone number (both must be available).
  3. Fee payment receipt (pay for visa and get a special paper from GTBank).
  4. Printed confirmation page (you’ll get it after filling in US visa application form).
  5. Travel itinerary. Everything must be planned beforehand (place of staying, routes, purposes, etc.).
  6. Depending on a certain visa type, you might also need special documents, such as:

Annual net income information (It’s better to have it in any case, because thus, you show, you've enough money for supporting yourself in the US. Besides, it means you have permanent work in Nigeria and aren’t going to stay in the USA).

Information about your employer, place of work, etc. (If you're going to work there for some time).

Insurance (It might be obligatory to make sure that in the case of, for instance, an accident, you can get necessary help. It can be also required for people, who're going to this country for medical purpose. The information about the duration and type of treatment is demanded as well).

Invitation. (If your friends or relatives reside in the US, they must submit an invitation and confirm they're ready to carry expenses).

Copies of the information page of parents’ passports and letter of consent from both of them (if children under age are going to travel).


They include:

  • document preparation (all the listed above),
  • application (you must do it only via the Internet, then, you’ll be scheduled for an interview),
  • interview (take all the necessary papers and go to an embassy).

For the third step, you’ll also require two 5 x 5 cm photos with full face forward against white background. No glasses or coverings are accepted.

How to pass US visa interview in Nigeria:

It's probably the most essential stage of obtaining visa. You must be well-trained for it, be ready to answer all necessary questions. Make sure you’ve filled the application right, otherwise, you won’t be scheduled for this step.

Interview usually contains both routine and grilling questions. That’s why you must prepare for them and be aware of all possible ones. Your answers must be honest and conform to those in application form.

Common questions include the following:

  • Why do you want to travel to the US?
  • Have you bought visitor medical insurance?
  • How will you pay for your visit?How to pass US visa interview in Nigeria
  • How long will you stay?
  • Do you have any relatives in the USA?
  • Will you work in the US?
  • Where will you stay?
  • Have you booked tickets?
  • Will you return to Nigeria?
  • When do you plan to go?

Your responses should be correct and in accordance with visa type. Thus, if you, for example, haven’t applied for working visa, never tell the interviewing officer you are going to work in the US. It will be illegal, and your visa might be rejected. Moreover, if you want to obtain nonimmigrant visa, never ever mention you're intending to live in the US. Always say you’ll return to Nigeria after your trip (or after achieving your purpose).

 US visa in Nigeria

As we’ve mentioned there might be also tricky questions during interview. The officer will try to find out your true intentions. So, be careful. These are mostly “What if” type of the questions. The following ones might be asked:

  • What would you do, if you won jackpot in Las Vegas casino?
  • What if any pretty woman/handsome guy proposes to you?
  • What would you do, if anyone offers you good job in the USA?
  • What if anyone offers you business partnership?

If you hear one of such questions or anything similar to them, think properly. Don’t answer immediately. Remember, they're intended to find out, whether you want to stay in the country or not. That’s why be very attentive and smart.

Useful tips

The following advice will help you to succeed during the interview:

  1.  US visa interview in Nigeria 1Give short and concrete answers. Say everything correctly and be to the point. Never answer unasked questions.
  2. Don’t give extra information about your relatives. Until you aren’t asked – never tell additional details.
  3. Be polite. It’s advisable to make a positive impression to consular officer. Many Nigerians claim that everything is decided during the first 5 minutes.
  4. Look straight in the eyes. It will show, you’re honest and don’t doubt in what you are telling.
  5. Avoid unnecessary movements. You must be confident. Don't be nervous.
  6. Wear formal clothes. It’s essential to look neat and business-like.
  7. Don’t be afraid. If you haven’t heard anything or haven’t understood it, ask again. It’s okay.
  8. Come early. Various situations might appear, so it’s good to be ready and leave the house earlier. Thus, you'll never be late.
  9. Prepare properly. Ask one of your friends to train you, if you aren’t sure. It'll help to get trained for real interview. It’s advisable to learn some information by heart (like the address of you staying, etc.).

The USA is a great country, which gives lots of opportunities for travelling, studying, working, and number of other things. If you are eager to visit it, you must know the procedure of getting visa. Prepare all the necessary papers and get ready for the interview. Remember, not all questions are easy. Some of them might be tricky. That’s why make sure your answers correspond with the aim of your visit and the data in application form. Useful tips will help you to succeed.


I have been to the United States consulate twice this year, but to no avail. I don't know what to do next. Am already having phobia for United States consulate. Help!

Answered 10 months ago.

Thanks for the great post. If you are curious on visa interview experiences of people at your nearest embassy, check this helpful website out.


Answered 11 months ago.

please can anyone that have experience it share some experience with me, email........ adeyeraiyiola@yahoo.com phone no 2347038058505

Answered 1 year ago.

i believe with God all things are possible, that's why we must do our part by studying and practicing a lot of likely Qst, character expected, sure answers and live it to God to help you through real Prayers before you engage the Embassy or Consular office. PEACE!

E. Solomon E.

Answered 1 year ago.

I mission in your country I'm only asking for somebody to come visit me in return my guard

I stay at their house when I'm there at least I can give them the opportunity to come visit and I am willing to back him

All paperwork was filled out properly the interview took 3 minutes if you write me privately I can tell you exactly what happened in the interview almost word for word

Answered 1 year ago.

He did that for Pete's sake

Are you crazy I am an American it is hard to get American visa I asked for the trip to do so I didn't ask to be struck down by God

Answered 1 year ago.

He did everything right and he failed his season is there anything that it a person can really do to not fail he thinks maybe because he was smiling all the time during the interview the interview lasted 3 minutes Laurel_strong@yahoo.com

Please help and email me

Answered 1 year ago.

You must get your visa with confidence and prayerful

Answered 1 year ago.
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