Largest cities in the world

Like to travel and want to know more? Find out what cities are the biggest in the world right now!

Billions of people live in the cities. And there are millions of different people in the world. They are willing to become citizens. They leave their native small villages and move to the big cities looking for their big dreams come true. But what are the largest cities in the world?

huge population

Largest cities in the world by population

There are different measures to determine the largest city. But at first we will focus on population. Do you know how many people live in your city, town or village? Compare the numbers with these city-giants.

Top 5 the largest cities by population:


street of tokyo

Japanese people began to leave their small distant villages and move to the big cities. Tokyo is a capital of Japan, so it seems a good idea to start a career here. But the years passed and Tokyo became an extremely overcrowded city. There is no street without a huge stream of people. More than 35,000,000 people live in Tokyo. However, its urban area is only 845 sq. miles or 2188, 54 sq.km. Tokyo was the first in 10 largest cities in the world 2015. As for now Tokyo is the largest city by population.


streets of jakarta

With its population of 30,000,000 people Jakarta gets the second place. Its area is about 661.5 km2. It is the largest city and the capital of Indonesia. Since 1950 millions of people moved to Jakarta. It happened because there was a job and people hoped to be employed in the capital of the country. But the situation changed after the population of city doubled in 1960. There were too much people and less work. But people kept coming to Jakarta. Even now Indonesian people move there dreaming to find a profitable job.


Delhi city

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Delhi is the capital of India. It is well-known as overcrowded and noisy city. Its population is 24,998,000. Its area is 1,484.0 sq. km. Because of the overcrowded streets with cars, animals and dust Delhi has become very polluted and dirty city. However, Indians keep moving here. The other cities and towns of India are very poor and there is no job. So Indians still go to Delhi looking for a better life.


manila city

Manila is the capital of Philippines. It’s very interesting and unusual city with its ancient and modern architecture in symbiosis. The population of Manila is 24,123,000. Its urban area is 1,474.82 sq. km. Manila is like the other capitals have always been a desirable place to live in. People moved there from the small villages and towns looking for a better life. But usually they found a low-paid job and stayed in Manila, because they didn’t want to go back home.


night in seoul

Seoul is a capital of South Korea and also the largest city of the country. More than 23,480,000 people live in Seoul. Its area is 605.21 sq. km. However, Seoul is known not only for its population. There are lots of interesting things in Seoul. This city can be called unique. For example, the citizens think that number ‘4’ is very unlucky. So there are often no houses with the number ‘4’.

a huge city

As to say about the largest cities in the world by area (metropolitan), then we should name (from the first place): Chongqing 82 400.00 sq. km, Hangzhou 16 847.00 sq. km, Beijing 16 411.00 sq. km, Brisbane 15 826.00, Chengdu 12 390.00 sq. km.


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Answered 6 months ago.

The question of which city is the largest city in the world, constantly excites the minds of the public. The problem is that at the same time to collect all accurate and relevant data is almost impossible.

First, the number of residents is determined by the census data, which in different countries takes place in different years. This difference in the year or even ten years, can significantly change the situation.

Second, the data often are taken from the previous census and are multiplied by a complicated factor, and then the new data served as the latest, but hardly accurate.

Third, count the number of city residents, especially the giant, extremely difficult. Part of the data is averaged, the part lose somewhere and is credited with writing, despite what the local benefits it promises. For example, hypothetically, if a city with a million population, it receives from the budget more money. Or if the population is less than five thousand, as it were, and not where the taxes are lower.

Fourthly, on paper residents can be a million, but in fact two. Migrants, visitors and just not participating in the census people can be mind-boggling quantity.

Fifthly, there is no uniform standard for the census. In some countries it is doing so in others. Somewhere the focus on the town, but somewhere just merge everything together - be it a province or a specific region.

And finally, most importantly. The biggest discrepancy happens because the very concept of the city, what are its boundaries and included the suburbs. This question relates to the notion of agglomeration, when one city is considered a few neighboring cities.

In the list I tried to do without the suburbs and agglomerations, or any of thirty million monstrous metropolises. In any case, because of the reasons above is a list of the biggest cities in the world are always very imprecise and conditional.

Answered 1 year ago.

I love to travel, but I have not been able to travel around the world's major cities. But of course I nn really want, and I will strive to be that my wish has come true and I ever went with his family on the big cities of the world. Which probably has its own history and dostoprimechatelstva. I love history, and I'm curious to study it every city, not even big. Thank you for the article, now I'll know where to go, in any city, and I will try to realize his dream into reality and still vse6 soon go on these cities.

Answered 1 year ago.

I am sincerely grateful to this city for population growth, but I would very much like to see that all these cities inhabited by a really happy, well-fed and healthy, and not in need of anything. I believe in Tokyo, there is a really good standard of living, but in each city is, I was a little confused, especially Delhi, it seems that there are many people who are in need and do not want to see all of them unhappy. In general, I now noticed a trend that the European race is gradually eroding. I do not know good or bad, just note the fact.

Answered 1 year ago.

Sure, if you go to travel to some country - need to have an idea about everything. Including on the population. It does not matter to me that I visited the largest city in the world or a small village on the edge of the world. For me the important thing is to feel the culture of the country, to understand its identity. Always wondered how to be a resident of the largest city in the world. So if you are from Seoul, Manila and Delhi - write and share your stories, comments and simply tell us about something unknown to us. It is very interesting to me.

Answered 1 year ago.
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