Most beautiful state in Nigeria: 12 top characteristics to consider

Nigeria is a beautiful country, but which one of its 36 states is the most beautiful? Read on to find out and learn about the top places to visit.

As a rule, foreigners imagine Nigeria as a chaotic country in the non-stop hustle and bustle. But those who have ever been to this fantastic destination know that it manages to combine both speed and hassle with calmness and peace.  Such is the most beautiful state of Nigeria.
Most beautiful state in Nigeria

Lots of eye-catching views and fascinating places will not leave you indifferent.  Awesome towns and cities with rich cultural heritage, charming scenery and thrilling attractions welcome both natives and international guests to feel the exclusive spirit and impressive mood of this country.

All the Nigerian states are unique and together they reflect the beauty and success of the area. Each separate city doubtlessly has much to offer. Some states are commonly loved for the hospitality and open heartedness. Other for business and economic merits, but the vast majority is adored for diverse fun, entertainment and vacation spot opportunities they offer.  Actually, it’s quite an exacting task to differentiate one state among 36 available, but we will try to highlight all the advantages and facts that influenced our choice.

Most beautiful state 12 top characteristicsThe first judgments about some place are usually made by its “appearance”. Powerful landscapes, with exotic and traditional plants, trees and flowers, on the one hand, and modern, fashionable buildings on the other are incongruous things that harmoniously concentrated in one place.
Besides, well-developed cities are preferred among visitors and native folks. Besides, traditions and territorial customs play a great role in the recognition and appreciation of the area, as every guest strives to immerse into the culture of the other nation and experience those unmatchable feelings being its part.

Edo as the top state of Nigeria

According to the opinions of various people (Nigerians as well as foreigners), and taking into consideration the above mentioned facts, Edo is claimed to be the most beautiful state in Nigeria.

Edo state is located in the south-south part of the country and is known as the Nigerian heartbeat. It comprises 18 independent areas, governed locally. Benin is the most prominent and vital city, as it is figures not only as a capital of Nigeria, but also as a main tourist attraction.

  1.  beautiful state in NigeriaHistory of the Edo as separate state dates back to 1991. In general, this place has a long civilization past, full of events and occurrences. It has previously been the territory of powerful Benin Kingdom until it got split. Delta State and Edo occurred out of one and the same zone.
  2. Nature, as all the other things in Edo State is special. Here you will find the most picturesque sceneries. Huge rocks, leaning on each other, enormous mountains touching the sky, wonderful waterfalls constitute only the tiny part of the majesty available in the area. The primary state vegetation consists of lowlands, rainforest and savannah, though the human interference led to a great number of oil palms and rubber plantations and forest reserves all around the territory
  3. People in contemporary Edo are friendly and helpful. Wherever you travel you will meet smiling faces and warm greetings. The culture of Edo people, their hospitality, diverse traditions and freedom are the factors that contribute to it being one of the most beautiful places in Nigeria. The mentality of these people is different from those around the country. Joint-development parties, dancing and drinking is the essence of the culture. Colorful rituals, noisy church services and ‘miracles’ showed by voodoo priests contribute to the general esteem of the state.
  4. best state in Nigeria: characteristics to considerEverything is not that perfect in the place: the cars are badly maintained, the commercial busses are poorly equipped, drivers don’t mind the speed limits and rules on the roads, frequent accidents and unkempt highways is the blind side of the astonishing Edo State.  But your attitude influences the way people will accept you, thus not only the state is beautiful, but its people make it such. Constant bargains and people carrying goods on their heads are routine items for an average local.
    Apart from being amicable and enlightened, the Edos are family-oriented people. They appreciate and create extended families. In general, the mentality of Edo people makes it favorable for neighboring visitors and international tourists.
  5. Art and Cultural Heritage. The people of Edo pride themselves in the exquisite culture, art and crafts, as all these directions gained the global popularity and became worldwide brands. The artifacts of the Benin Kingdom, representing the spring of civilization, are among the coveted and indispensable in the world’s history.  Edo State became the cradle and home of culture, wood works, arts and bronze casting in Africa.

The most beautiful state in Nigeria: a year-round attraction for tourists.

  1. Most beautiful state in Nigeria1Wandering through the picturesque villages full of historical and cultural heritage or simply enjoying traditional meals in the local restaurant are already sufficient reasons to come to the Edo region. The state will welcome you and offer a range of tourism, varying from cultural, eco, sport, historical and economic. Everyone will surely find something special for him.

    Apart from the usual attractions that capture visitors, Benin Kingdom is rich at festivals and various celebrations that make it a year-round spot. Lots of options are available to satisfy the tastes and wishes of each person to come. The weather is sunny and bright all the year round, so you have 365 days to experience unforgettable feelings of Edo State’s beauty.  If you happen to visit this breath-taking Kingdom you should definitely appear in a dozen of places.
  2.  beautiful state in Nigeria 1The Oba’s Palace is the top world museum situated in our destination. It is regarded to be an example of traditional architecture and artistic work.

    Inside the palace you will find the stock of the royal court arts, ancestral shrines and Oba’s sculptures.
  3. Most beautiful state characteristics to consider 1Emotan status depicts the sublime lady associated with the royalty of the Benin Kingdom. The statue is devoted to Emotan, the most patriotic women who had been selling food right at the place it was erected. The women became famous for saving people from danger and risk coming to their area. Not it is installed opposite the huge supermarket to remind the past.
  4. Most beautiful state characteristics in NigeriaThe national museum derived from the Oba’s Palace. Currently, the spot includes invaluable items from around all the Benin Kingdom. 

    Initially, all the treasures preserved were hidden from the human eye, but now they are available to visitors in the National Museum.
  5. Most beautiful state in Nigeria 2Holy Aruosa Cathedral is an ancient church that is the oldest in the whole Nigeria.

    Its appearance is dated 15th century and since those times it has served as the religious center of the Benin Kingdom.

This is definitely not the full list of stunning places and intricate sights Edo State offers its visitors. You can only estimate the majesty and flavor of the most beautiful state in Nigeriatravelling there. The place is showered praise for its uniqueness, exclusiveness, excellence and creativity. It is one of the most delightful tourist destinations, connoisseur area and the most appreciated spot in the whole Africa.  READ ALSO: Which is the richest LGA in Nigeria? – 5 top


You know, I always thought that a real traveler, or someone who wants to see the world, will not think that there is in a given country. How many of the country's historical sites as well developed transportation or something else. This traveler will not hesitate to buy a ticket and fly to the country. I would probably would. For me, for example, the most important thing in the unexplored country for me - it is imbued with the culture of the country to experience its customs, how people live there. And nature, architecture - it is in the background. Also, I was very interested in the cuisine of different countries.

Answered 1 year ago.

Amazing nature, combines the jungle and arid glades. With pleasure I have visited a wonderful corner of the world. I was only in Egypt, with its vast and interesting history, but is confident that Nigeria is not less interesting and impressive history. There's a time and do magic. Mysticism has always attracted people -Therefore tourists will come here to enjoy nature and listen to the voice within you. It should be more of these articles about local features and advertising from the government, and tourism will bring you a lot of money and enjoyment travelers.

Answered 2 years ago.

I would love to visit one of Nigerian cities one day. This country has a lot of beautiful places that can attract travelers. The nature is one of hillarious things that can caught an eye. Especially, the fact that people over there are very nice and helpful creates even more sympathy and respect to them. I love traveling and I'm going to put Nigeria in my list of most wanted places that i plan to visit as soon as i can. Alsp, i look foward to learn more about their hystory and culture, too, as well.

Answered 2 years ago.
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