Refusal of Indian visa for a British national of Nigerian descent???

On the Indian Embassy's website the requirements for a British national travelling to India are a completed application form, two pics, visa fee and of course a UK passport.

Now on the Visa form there is a question that asks about 'previous' and 'present' nationality of the applicant. In my case I state British in both cases. It then goes on to ask about parents nationality, previous and present. I state that Dad was British but his previous nationality was Nigerian.

So as I submit my application and I am told by the official that because Dad was Nigerian I need to provide 3 months bank statements and a letter from my employer. I ask why and I am told because that is what is required of Indians when they go to Nigeria and that it has been agreed by the Nigerian government. I say that I have nothing to do with the Nigerian government and that they can even see from my passport that in the past, I have even had to acquire and pay for visas to go to Nigeria.

I am then told that if I want the visa I should provide those documents. I tell them that I do not have an issue providing these documents but I let them know that I am still at a lost as to why they would require a different set of details from me based on my origin/race and not my nationality.

Of course they have every right to refuse entry into their country but at the same time they really should state that only British nationals of specific origins are issued visas based on the initial criteria I stated above and that others of Nigerian origin and the like are not! For the record my friend who is black British but of Guyanese descent got her visa issued in 3 days straight! But then again she looks more Indian than black , lol

I am quite pissed at the behaviour and attitude of the Indian Embassy and I am in two minds about telling them to stuff their country and just go to Japan instead. But then I have already bought the ticket which is non-refundable and I have to be in Mumbai to get the plane to Japan so I am stuck. I am still worried that they may refuse the visa based on my heritage and then lose the money I paid for the ticket which wasn't cheap at all.

Has anyone else on here had dealings with the Indian Embassy in London?

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It doesn't make sense at all! I am seriously thinking about getting my ticket changed so that I can bypass India and just go onwards to Japan at minimal costs. There is still a chance that I may get the visa but this experience has kind of put me off the country. My thing is that they should have clearly stated on their website what the requirements were for people of specific origins regardless of British nationality. . .if they had then maybe I wouldn't have been so taken aback when asked for the other information based on my descent.

I have heard before that they can be legally racist in India with their cast system and something is telling me that this is a sign of things to come. I am really not in mood to deal with that kind of BS and I also feel that I don't want to spend any of my hard earned money in that country.

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