What are the coolest camping hacks only experts know?

The best camping hacks ever have been gathered in one article just to help you during your camping trip. Only experts know what will be useful for in such situations.


Many people, especially those who are living in cities, consider camping as one of the best ways to enjoy the fresh air and relax in nature: only you and your friends and nature, no crowds and bustle of work. But no matter how tempting it may sound, such a vacation can sometimes turn into a nightmare. Today we offer you the coolest camping hacks that will help you avoid this sad fate.

1. Mosquitoes can easily ruin your idyll. To prevent the invasion, just light the sage far from the place where you are, and the mosquitoes will move to another, more comfortable and pleasant place for them.

2. It would be nice to learn how to distinguish poisonous plants from the useful. Read some books about it in your region.


3. You need something to light a fire? Use the packaging out of the Doritos chips or any other. It is perfectly lit and will help you ignite any fire.

4. Anyone who is not able to imagine a campaign without any means of daily care, be sure to take a one-time soap plate. Just take a knife to clean the vegetables and cut them a piece of soap. This allows you to avoid the loss of soap and provide you with an inexhaustible supply of soap plates.


5. Soap can be used not only for hygienic reasons. One of the oldest tricks of the Boy Scouts - hide all your valuables in a bar of soap. Thieves won’t be looking for money in such a place.

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6. Cooking - is an integral part of any campaign, and foil will be indispensable subject here. Just wrap the meat in foil and place it over the fire - it will be soft and juicy.

7. You've probably already tried to roast marshmallows, but what about fried candy Starbursts? In fact, this is not craziness, and one of the most delicious things in the camping trip.

8. If you get lost in the forest, use the clock as a compass. If you are in the northern hemisphere, then align the hour-hand with the sun. The point between the arrow and the number 12 will indicate to the South. In the southern hemisphere, such a trick will show you the North.


9. If you are forced to spend the night outdoors in cold weather, one of the essential things in such a situation would be warm clothes, especially in the morning. Therefore, before you go to bed, put the clothes in the sleeping bag, so they will be warmed to your awakening.

10. Have no matches, but urgently need to set a fire? You probably know that the dry material can easily be ignited with the help a magnifying glass on a sunny day. Furthermore, a magnifying glass can easily be replaced by sunglasses or any other object of curved glass.


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