What is the largest city in Nigeria?

What is the largest city in Nigeria. If you want to learn more about it, read this exciting article. You will find out about the largest city and also state in the country!

lagos city

There are plenty of big cities in Nigeria. However the cities can be listed according to the population and area. So what is the largest city in Nigeria?


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If to talk about the population and the largest city in Nigeria by land mass, the biggest one is the city Lagos (13,400,000 people). Lagos is a very beautiful city. Which is one of the favorite ones for Nigerians. A lot of people from the suburbs dream to go to Lagos and start their new life. People name Lagos the city of possibilities. For the Nigerians Lagos is like New York for Americans.

However, nowadays Lagos is full of people. There is no profitable job for people without education or experience. So whether you want to move to Lagos, you must have something to propose to the boss. Any city of Nigeria needs clever and experienced people.

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Lagos is the ex-capital of Nigeria. Now this city is a main economic, scientific and also cultural center of Nigeria. It is also one of the biggest commercial ports in West Africa.

City, it’s better to say metropolis, Lagos occupies practically the whole territory of Lagos State and it also consists of a large amount of the united areas separated by highways.

In Lagos you can find National Theatre, administrative and residential buildings of concrete and glass.

Among the attractions there is a huge market Oshodi with the huge variety of different goods and services. The National Nigerian Museum in Lagos contains a rich collection of art objects almost of all the country's development periods.

Niger State

lagos harbour

Niger state is named the biggest state in Nigeria. It’s really huge. It is a state in the Central Nigeria. Its capital is Minna, there are also other main cities like: Bida, Suleja and Kontagora. It was founded in 1976 when the then Northwestern State forked into Sokoto State and Niger. It is a homestate for Ibrahim Babangida and also Abdulsalami Alhaji Abubakar. The Nupe, Kamuku, Gbagyi, Dukawa, Kambari and Koro create the main part of the plenty of Niger State local tribes.

This state was named after the famous River Niger. Also there are two Nigerian main hydroelectric power stations, the Shiroro Dam and the Kainji Dam. The popular Gurara Falls is always located in Niger State.


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