Which country has the most tourists? – Top 10 attractive countries for tourists

Do you know which country has the most tourists in the world? How many people visit it? And find out everything you wanted to know about world’s countries here right now!

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According to World Bank (World Bank) tourism is now the largest and fastest growing industry in the world. There are so many interesting places. Nevertheless, there are countries in which tourists are willing to come back again and again. Which are the most popular tourism countries? Which is tourism revenue by country? Check out top 10 countries attractive for all tourists around the world.

Tourism country ranking:

10. Thailand

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The number of tourists per year: 26.5 million.

Thailand is the most popular resort in South-East Asia due to low prices for housing and food, beautiful nature and a well-developed tourist infrastructure. The biggest cost will be spent for the flight to Thailand. Most popular destinations: Phuket, Pattaya, Bangkok. A lot of interesting facts about Thailand, you can read in plenty of articles in web. For millions of people it’s a real paradise.

9. Russia

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The number of tourists per year: 28.4 million.

It is the largest country in the world, foreign travel, mainly to see Moscow and St. Petersburg. It is also popular among tourists Kazan and Sochi.

8. United Kingdom

united kingdom

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The number of tourists per year: 31.2 million.

United Kingdom is eighth in the rankings, but its capital, London is considered to be the most visited city in the world (including internal displacement within the country). What attracts tourists and travelers to this island? Of course a rich history that has left a legacy of many medieval castles, as well as a major puzzle - Stonehenge.

7. Germany


The number of tourists per year: 31.5 million.

In Germany there are a lot of places to see and where to go, first of all, it is Bavaria and Berlin. In winter, there is a popular ski resort, and in fall you can visit the famous Oktoberfest. In Germany, as in the UK, there is a large number of medieval castles, the most popular one is the castle of Neuschwanstein.

6. Turkey

turkey tourism

The number of tourists per year: 37.8 million.

Turkey gathered the largest number of history ancient monuments. And among the cities most visited of course Istanbul, the largest city in Europe, as well as Mersin and Antalya, located on the Mediterranean coast. Turkey is popular primarily as a resort hotel over packet tours "All inclusive" all inclusive.

5. Italy

italian venice

The number of tourists per year: 47.7 million

Italy is considered to be an elite European resort, however it is not cheap. Tourists travel there the whole year: in the winter - ski in the Alps, in summer to the beaches, and every season, be sure to visit Milan, Venice, Rome, Florence, Naples and other famous cities of the country.

4. China

china tourism

The number of tourists per year: 55.7 million.

China attracts tourists with its history and unique culture. Travelers definitely try to visit the Great Wall, take a look at the Terracotta Army, the Forbidden City, and if you're lucky to see Tibet as a special permit is required to visit it.

3. Spain

spain country

The number of tourists per year: 60.7 million.

Spain is considered to be not expensive resort, but very popular especially among the Europeans and Americans. In Spain, most of all, travellers tend to visit Barcelona, ​​Madrid and the Canary Islands. Relatively inexpensive beach holiday in the resort with a good European service is popular on the Mediterranean coast. And you will also enjoy local food prices. It has become tourism developing country a lot of years ago.

2. United States

United States

The number of tourists per year: 69.8 million.

The United States of America is a great country with many places to see. For example, the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone volcano and valley of death, as well as many cities - New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles.

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The United States attracts primarily for its diversity: there are several climatic zones, the huge national parks and dynamic metropolis. The most visited and popular US cities - New York, Los Angeles, Washington and San Francisco.

1. France

eiffel tower

The number of tourists per year: 84.7 million.

So we reached the first place in our rating. France is the most visited country in the world by tourists and foreigners. It makes Paris the most visited city. In France, there is a large selection of places and attractions that are worth visiting. Tourists are attracted by the local cuisine, natural beauty, and warm atmosphere of the city.

It is not surprising that France, in which there is a huge number of world famous monuments and museums, has become the most popular destination among foreign tourists. It is the most popular tourism country in the world. Here every traveler can find something interesting: the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower in Paris, wine in Bordeaux and the Loire castles. In addition, France is a quite compact European state, which allows tourists to get from one region to another very quickly.

France capital

The most popular tourist sites in Paris are the Cathedral of Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur and the Louvre. This is data from a study conducted by the Paris Tourism Agency, said ‘Europuls’.

‘We examined 64 places and monuments, at least one million tourists visited 13 of them,’ - said the agency's report. The Notre Dame was visited by 13.6 million visitors, the Sacre-Coeur in Montmartre - 10.5 million, the Louvre - 8.9 million.

The Eiffel Tower was only in fourth place - it attracted 7.1 million visitors. The Pompidou was visited by 3.6 million visitors, the Museum d'Orsay - 3.1 million. According to the survey, Paris attracts tourists primarily for its museums and monuments - 65% of the tourists come here to see the famous monuments and visit the world famous museums. Tourist flow to Paris has grown in comparison with past few years. The largest number of tourists come from the US and the UK. The second place was taken by Russian tourists, and the third - the tourists from China.

When do they usually visit Paris?

noon in paris

Again, the topic is relevant to the case, if a person can afford to determine the trip time. Those who signed the holiday stern boss, people can reassure that Paris is good at any time of year and in any case will not disappoint anyone! To those who gives priority to the economic component, it is worth thinking about the trip in late autumn, winter or early spring: for example, from February until the beginning of April, there are the biggest discounts on air tickets to Paris, there are less expensive hotels, almost no queues anywhere and the cost of a visit to museums and other attractions are available to fit the sum in your pocket.

For those who want to visit the museums of Paris, who is primarily interested in historical and cultural values, those who can stand the crowd, tourists knowing nothing about this art, winter Paris will seem a paradise. And even the architectural values ​​are really available in winter: the streets are spacious and it is much easier to see what is almost impossible to see in summer. But remember, earlier than in the end of January you shouldn’t fly to Paris - after the New Year Paris has huge discounts and sales and shopping lovers run here from all over Europe!

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Summer in Paris is a real tourist hell! But walking through the evening and night Paris will give you pleasure. Coffee in the morning in the cozy outdoor coffee shop, walk around the island Cité, fountains and gardens of Paris, Versailles, finally! It happens only in summer and in the early autumn. But in the summer months it is often sooooo hot and there are crowds of tourists everywhere… Just an ocean of ​​tourists!

Autumn in Paris is just perfect! If you are not indifferent to this time of year, in principle, do not miss the best summer in your life! People just love Paris in fall and definitely go back again next autumn to admire one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

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Everyone may create his own rating ‘tourism by country’, but you should choose the destination depending on what you dream to see!

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