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Alamieyeseigha or Tafa Balogun: Who Is More Shameful?

Verdict 2005! Alamieyeseigha or Tafa Balogun,Who Is More Shameful?

Hello folks, I was wondering, who do you think, alams and uncle tafa,they both made negative impact in Nigeria last year. Now, among both of them, who is the more shameful?

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Why Are Relatives Always Jealous Of One's Success?

Have you ever noticed that your relatives such as your cousins, aunties and uncles get jealous when they find out you are prosperous or really doing good. well i don't know about you. but please give your opinion.

For example: my sister happened to travel to america and all of a sudden, my aunty is always telling her children to quickly graduate from university so that they can travel. don't you see that as jealousy? also my cousin is always like hmmm, your sister is enjoying in america, i will come and meet her there. As for me i feel those comments are not good. they are only envious about her. what do you guys think?

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