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Computer Science Degree Recommended For Programming Career?

Hello everyone, I'm a new member. And I'm a what?

A Programming freak

Even though my age is given by the expression


(where x is my age), I'm almost through with my first program - an encryption algorithm. I Love programming, an awful lot, and I was sooooooooooooooo happy when I found this board, and It was quite surprising that there's something like this in Nigeria. I'm not dissing Nigeria - I'm from Kwara (Irepodun) afterall.

Now the main koko - I need a little help

I want to end up a programmer. I'm not sure - getting a B.Sc in CSC - how far will that take me? and i've not seen anything SE in Nigerian universities. The koko is - what do I do in uni?

Please reply everybody - and sorry if i bored you with my personal stuff.

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