Application letter: which format is the best?

Why picking the right format for your application letter can help you to get the best job? Learn now.

Application letter

An application letter is what your future employer sees the first. It represents you. These days HRs take only a few seconds to review such letters, that’s why its format is crucial. It can actually help you to land an excellent job vacancy.

The best format for an application letter:

Online you can find many samples of application or cover letters. It’s the same document, but it has two names. How do you pick the right one? Well, you have to understand what they are used for and what purpose they serve.

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Application letter the best

Why use an application letter?

You compile your resume to apply for a job, why add a cover letter? Well, the resume can take several pages. It describes your background, education, jobs, skills, etc. It’s a long read. But since HR workers have little time to spare, you provide them with a shorter version of the CV – an application letter.

You add it to your resume. If you send it via email, you can copy-paste the text into the letter and attach your resume. If you are sending a paper copy, place your letter on the top of the resume. That’s why it is also called the cover letter.

There you use only the information relevant for the current job vacancy. The education, skills and employment you had that fit the position the most. Keep it short. It should not be longer than just one page. If something does not fit there, just cut it out.

Application letter format

So, what is the best format? Start by presenting yourself. Include the best photo and your name, as well as age or birth date. Then list briefly the education you’ve got that qualifies you the best for the job. For instance, if you are to take a PC admin position, do not write about your experience in sales.

Finally, list the most relevant jobs that make you fit to take the vacancy. Pick the proper spacing for the letter. Leave a lot of “air” between the line, i.e. use the 1.5 spacing. It makes the text more readable. Also, pick a straightforward and clear font. Do not use any hard to read stuff.

Use bullets or numbered lists for your jobs or education. Your goal is to provide an employer with the document he could read in just a few seconds and get an idea why you fit the job the best.

These tips will help you to create a unique and efficient application letter and land a great job.

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