Can young Nigerians get loans from CBN?

Who is to get a loan from CBN this year? Find out how to start a business.

CBN has approved the idea about creation of the loans for the younger generation. In their opinion, it will be given to youth with purpose to keep career and business development for all young people. The governor told about it during the visit to Abuja.

Can young Nigerians get loans

The maximum amount of money, which people may receive, makes one million. At the same time, the candidate for receiving the credit has to possess some qualities. For example, the demands a job experience from the person. It should not make less than 5 years.

young Nigerians get loans from CBN

These are not all good news for young businessmen. Those people, who effectively dispose of finance, will be also able to use other investment actions from CBN.

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 get loans from CBN?

The youth makes only 48 percent from all labor of Nigeria. It is very sad, because financial problem doesn't allow young people to realize their dreams. To prevent it, we have created the program, which will provide the reliable credit. It will be available practically to everyone. Now 10 thousand people can to make a step to embodiment of their own purposes – the director of central bank said.

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