Could This Really Be From Shell Or?

From: "jobs@shell.com" <shell-jobs-recruitment@shell.com>  Add Mobile Alert 

To: thejawando@yahoo.com

Subject: Your Online Test!

Date: Mon, 03 Mar 2008 01:21:49 -0800

    Dear Jawando Adeniyi

Thanks for getting back with your resume. Shell is

located all major cities around the  world.

We are doing a mass recruitment for a stronger workforce which we lack

right now.

Below this email are some test questions.

Please go through them and get back with required answers.

It should be noted that this test will be your only assessment thus the

most intelligent answers is required from you.

Question (1) :


I).   What is Safety?

II).  What is an Accident?

III). What is the term "HAZARD"?

IV).  What is Job Hazard Analysis (J.H.A)?V).   Mention 5 Personnel

Protective Equipments?

Question (2) :


i)      What Is Team Performance?

ii)     What approach do you apply in managing others?

iii)    If employed, why would you be an asset to us at shell


iv)     How well do you handle pressure?

Please endeavor to submit answers immediately and do not consult books

or journals on the questions. Answers should be sent in your own words.

All the best,

Kindest Regards.

Mr. Paul Milliken

HR Department.

I got a mail last week wednesday that i should forward my Cv to them, that they saw my online application and have decided to process it, i did immediately and only yesterday i  recieved the above email, av done what is required of me, but am still doubting the authenticity of the mail.

i want help frm u guys. what do u think?

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i got a similar mail from that address.

its a fraud.

shell doesn't send those kind of mails.

they'd contat u to comefor an aptitude test.

pls ignore it


Thanx so much brothers, i remember applyin online smetime early 2007,but am so fuckn sure that mail and d rest of them are nt real. Anyway,i wil keep u guyz posted as to any new development regardn dat recruitment. Thanx again



that mail is a scam so beware. it is fake.



It is definitely fraudulent - I have personally gone through Shell's online recruitment process and know of friends who did the written test route as well.

The website they claim to be from is fake, Shell NEVER sends questions to your email requiring answers, they don't ask such technical questions except at an interview.

It is definitely fraud. 'the most intelligent answers IS required from you' ?? how can Shell make such an obvious grammatical error in a recruitment email? That is another large red flag.

Shell never contacts random people because they 'saw' your CV - they get thousands of CV's a day, so what has suddenly made you so special that they are chasing you?

check on nairaland for a thread called 'Shell Next Generation' or something like that - those are people who recently went through Shell's recruitment process, they can also confirm what I have said.

Which company will give you a job based on two questions as your 'only assessment'? Don't fall for it man, the money requests to process your visa to come join them in Holland or Uk will be the next move.


There is something suspicious about both your experience with them and the online test question and for sure the whole thing does'nt look professional.

But i will ask you these questions:

1. Do you remember applying with Shell at any time at the first place?

2. Have you found anyone that share at least a part of the similar experience?

Though there are numerous fraud strategies like this, just play safe untill they start asking for money, just to be on the safe side.




i really don't think it is for real

it just has a shady ring to it.

Anyway what ever you do, just be careful

there are a lot of scammers around.


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