How do you manage your job i.e when posted from one place with your family problem...?

especially jobs like geology, police and military (soldier) where you ask have to stay away from them

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Military families are experiencing frequent wartime deployments and other military-related separations that put a strain on their communication and relationships. These separations are stressful not only for military service members that deploy, but for the family members they leave behind, in particular military wives. The communication between military spouses before, during, and after deployment is affected in unique ways.

So Some wives decide to explore new careers, focus on their physical health, or move back home to be near family and friends. Other wives focus more on their marriages and keeping their husbands involved in their lives by, for example, reading books together, talking to one another each day, or scheduling to pray at the same time.

This will Help Military Men to manage their jobs with their Family and its Problems

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