How much is Nigerian army salary?

How large is the sum of money paid for service in Nigeria army? What is the difference between salary of lieutenant and sum getting by Major? Read the information below to learn the latest facts.

How much is Nigerian army salary

Contrary to belief of most of people about that Nigerian army is paid in a large extent, practice shows that many young men and women protecting the country receive not the biggest salaries in Nigeria. However, service in local troops continues to remain one of the most prestigious and honorable. Let's learn and compare how efforts of young fighters and employees of the highest category are estimated.

How much is Nigerian army salary?

How much is Nigerian army salary?

Millions of people submit the application for the accession to Nigerian army. However, definitely not an excess step will be to learn structure of it and Nigerian army salary of different types of employees, before doing so. You have to learn some facts about monthly payments for the officer or Nigerian soldier to make a right choice further. Before signing the contract on service in Nigerian army, it will be useful for you to learn how you will be rewarded for protection of your native land.

According to the last rules, you have to attach officially confirmed information at application. It plays rather large role at receiving a position and salary. Nigerian officers differ in categories, and in that case, they pay them according to their category and the number of years of service in armed forces. The new structure of payments to Nigerians, according to the last information of 2016 is given below.

Nigerian army salary

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How much is Nigerian army recruit’s salary?

Nigerian army recruit salary is much lower, that at commissioned officers. Master Warrant officer gets the highest amount of money in this group – about 90000 N per month. The lowest salary is paid to simple private soldier – he has an opportunity to get only from 48 to 49 thousands Naira per month. Lance-corporal gets a little more – about N 54000. Approximately as much as lance-corporal, monthly receives Corporal – 58 thousands Naira. Sergeant, Staff Sergeant and Warrant Officer receive 63, 68 and 80 thousands Naira respectively.

How much is Nigerian army recruit’s salary

How much is the salary of a lieutenant in the Nigerian Army?

Participants of structure for Commissioned Officers get much more than employees from the first group. Lieutenant gets the lowest salary in this category. However, it is all the same rather impressive – N180000 per month. Captain earns a sum in size of N 220000, and Major – about 300000. Lt. Colonel gets 350 thousands Naira each month, and employee with one category higher, Colonel, receives almost twice more – 550000.

Brigadier and Major Generals earn N750000 and 950000 per month respectively. Lt. General is already a millionaire – his net worth is one million. The highest salary in Nigerian army is paid to General. It makes the whole 1.5 million Naira.

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