How to answer interview questions in Nigeria: 5 tough questions

Getting ready for a job interview? Learn howt o answer 5 tough questions you might be asked there. Get the tips now!

Surely job interviews can be stressful regardless what you do to get ready for them. However, you plainly get into trouble, if you do not know how to answer interview questions. Grounding is your best chance to obtain that position.

interview: 5 tough questions

So, let’s cover 5 trickiest possible questions an employer or HR manager may ask you.

1. Why should I hire you?
interview questions

One of the frequently asked interview questions is the first one on our list. The best way to tackle this issue is to match job description with your skills, education and abilities. Not all the people know how to sell themselves and sound sane (with no bravado). 

So, start by listing the job description lines one by one and match them up against your skills. This takes some homework getting done. By no means ask your examiner what they want from you or what the job description was. This is the direct path to failure.

Study the job description well. Get your wits together and think how you can come up with vital arguments to match the requirements.

For example: they look for someone for a senior position to guide a team of 5 people. You have the experience of guiding a team of 10 or 3 people. You are a great team worker and know how to encourage and spur people. You are a very organized person and know how to pass that on to your team, etc.

See, the firm is on the search for the best of the best. Your goal is to pursue them that you are the one. Keep your reply short. Single out at least three reasons why they should do it.

2. What is your greater weakness?
interview questions in Nigeria

This indeed is a tricky question. If you just bluntly tell them about your weaknesses, they may not like you. But if you say: I have none, they may think you lie or you are not factual. Knowing your flaws is as crucial as knowing the strengths.

So, how do you lever it?
Try to tell about the weaknesses, but turn them into your strong sides. Here is a good example of what you can do:

Let’s say you are not a multitasker. You cannot converge on two or three things at once. Still, this means you are a very detailed person. You can deeply focus on what you do and accomplish it in the best way possible.

Another way to answer it properly is to tell about your weakness, but to mention the progress as well. For instance: I am not very good with doing several jobs as the same time. However, over the last six months I have made a significant headway in this area. I have trained myself to do two things at a time and to do them well. READ ALSO: How to write an application letter in Nigeria - 5 easy steps. 

3. Where do you see yourself in a number of years from now?
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How to answer job interview question, such as this? What do they expect you to say? You should focus on your career and work experience. Do not talk of your family plans. It’s your personal. Just share with them your career plans. This should not be hard.

You may tell them you wish to get a promotion in 2 years or to learn a new language (if that relates to your work description). In most cases, companies are looking for people willing to grow and develop. Show them your desire and some reasons why you can do it.

4. Has your work been criticized by your former employer?
How to answer interview questions

People do not want you to be too sensitive to criticism. They do not want to deal with people, who get easily offended and who cannot be corrected when they make mistakes. You may answer that you do make mistakes at times. However, when your boss corrected you, you did not take it personally.

You realized you made a mistake and did your best to fix it. You may say: mistakes make us learn and become better. So, healthy criticism is a good thing after all. So, yes, my boss criticized me at times, but it is something I can learn from and improve.

answer interview questions 15. Are you able to cope with lots of pressure?

One of the best possibilities here is to tell a story. Just tell them about a situation, when you handled lots of stress and show them how you managed to cope with it. As a rule, stress may come from three main sources: insufficient experience, high loads of work or unclear communication.

You may indicate all three of them and give examples of you handle them. You should never say that stress is too much for you. One of the reasons they hire you is to handle stress.

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How to answer interview questions in Nigeria - Why do employers interview job applicants?

Their main goal is to find the best applicants to match the position. They understand that if they make a mistake, it could be a costly one. So, do not get any hard feelings against the employers or HR folks. Be patient and try to make their job easy for them

What else should you do before the interview?

One of the top things to do before the interview – is studying job description and company profile. Go to their website. Read everything you can about the company, its projects, its history, etc. This info would serve you well during the conversation and help you learn how to answer interview questions. So, take your time and get prepared for the big day.


It is a very important step on a road of getting a job to pass the interview. I think that it takes guts and one should really think through everything in order not to be silent not to lose one`s face. In this article i really wrote down for myself interesting tips because in 3 days i am going to go on a job interview. What people nowadays do not realise is that you should be confident and that way without a doubt you will get your job. Young people are so often insecure and that's why they do not get jobs sometimes.

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