How to avoid job scams

Looking for a job? Be ware of job scams in Nigeria. Do not waste your precious time and money on scammers! Learn how to spot them right away.

Have you even faced with any types of fraud? It is a really frequent case, when people are looking for a job and meet such people. How to avoid job scams then? Which questions should you ask and how to behave? Let’s make our life easier and find out.

job scams

What are job scams?

While we are looking for a job, we always see strange and suspicious offers. Some of them are very easy to identify, but the others may deceive us. That’s why to avoid various employment scams, you need to know their varieties and features.

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Let’s consider the main types of job scams:

  • E-mail job scamsE-mail. Possible employer or Job board sends you a letter, claiming that they have found your resume on a certain website. The say you are a perfect candidate and they like you a lot. Sometimes you cannot even remember that you have subscribed for that website. The name of the recruiter might be unknown or very well-known (which is also very suspicious).
    Such fraudsters usually ask you for some personal data, for instance, for pre-employment credit check. They may require some important information, such as copy of your documents (license or passport), or you bank account number etc.
  • job scams Social media. Social media. It is quite a new way for job scams online.All the existing networks are vulnerable. The scammers create fake Facebook accounts. Then they share and promote bogus jobs. Fake Linkedin profiles are also frequent case.
    However, the administration tries to block or remove such accounts. Twitter is another vulnerable network. The users write short URL addresses, which can lead anywhere (for example, bit.ly etc.).
  • Legitimate employers. Legitimate employers. Fraudsters often apply the names of real companies to convince the potential victim. You might see such well-known names as Apple or Google. Nevertheless, real companies have nothing to do with this posting. Even if the recruiter is legitimate, the offer is not.
  • Legitimate job boards. Sometimes, even if you use reliable and popular resource to find a job, you can meet scammers as well. The fact that the fraudsters first paid to the board does not guarantee anything. They usually get enough money to cover such expenses later.
  • Fake job board and fake employment. Fake job board and fake employment. It happens when you choose unreliable resource and find fake recruiter there. They might look like real professionals, but their main aim is to collect your personal information. It is even dangerous to create an account on such websites, as you give them your data.

How to identify job scams?

To be able to determine the scammers, it is essential to see the most common signs of fraud. You can understand everything from the offer itself. Observe the following indicators:

  1.  job scamsToo high salary. It might look very attractive, especially if you have been looking for a long time. However, try to know how much people usually get for such job and compare this amount with the one in the offer.
  2. E-mail from non-business address. Legitimate companies always have their name in the address. They even apply company emails. If they aren’t, they are probably scammers.
  3. Personal data. It the potential employer asks any personal data, it is very suspicious. In fact, there is no legal reason to demand such information from you. And real company would never do that.
  4. Poor writing. There might be several typos or mistakes in the letter. This is a big sign of a scam.
  5. How to avoid job scamsContact at odd hours. They may write at night or in the late evening, when the managers from real companies have left their working place already.
  6. Experience is not necessary. Any type of job requires particular skills and knowledge. It is impossible to be offered a good one without proper experience.
  7. They ask to wire money. If someone tells you to make any kind of transaction, be sure, they are fraudsters.
  8. IM interview. Even in the modern world, the majority of job interviews are personal. It might be also conducted via Skype of phone. However, if an employer wants a text one, s/he is obviously a scammer.
  9. avoid job scamsYou are offered a job on the spot. If the recruiter have not seen you yet, but is ready to hire you, s/he is possible a fraudster. People from real company always want to see whom they hire and know more about the candidate.
  10. You have to pay. Many scammers ask to pay some kind of insurance or to buy their software.

Always consider the listed signs and you will never be deceived.

Job swindles have become much more frequent these days. Sometimes it is hard to determine the real offer from the fake one, especially on the Internet. However, it is possible. All you need is to be very careful and follow our tips. With the help of them, you will never be deceived and your money and personal information will be safe. Of course, it may take some time to find a real and good job, but it is better to wait than to become the victim of fraudsters.

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Answered 11 months ago.

If a job you require documents certifying your education, employment history, residence permit, passport and so on, it should alert you.

Also think about it, if you offer several months to make a career or pay incredibly large sums of money. As tempting as it is to utter such sentences, you must be aware of their adequacy. Analyze the labor market and estimate the level of salaries for the position you are interested. If your salary exceeds the average level several times, there is reason to seriously consider such a proposal. Fabulous money and unprecedented benefits usually promise only the organization dishonest.

Answered 1 year ago.
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