How to become attentive to details?

Some people like to work with a big picture, other people prefer to care for small details. What would you pick if you had to choose one of these two options? Read the article and study how to become a detail-oriented person.

detail-oriented person

Paying attention to every little detail can be a very useful skill especially if you want to get a job where high attention is a critical requirement. People such as doctors, especially surgeons, programmers, drivers, writers, lawyers and translators all need to be very attentive all the time. If you want to get such a job and you have an interview tomorrow, read this list of tips, which will help you to look like a detail-oriented person.

  • Proofread your texts.

If you want to send your CV to a company, read it twice or use online spellcheckers to check to see if your CV has any mistakes. Some companies will even not call you if your text would contain any grammar or spelling mistakes. Most companies are searching for people with a high level of attention to detail because this is critical for each business and project. It doesn’t matter what you write, either you send a message or an email to your colleague, or you have to finish your report and to show it to your boss, try to proofread it several times and make sure it has no errors. This little trick will emphasize you are a detail-oriented person. And they will think if you like to write with no mistakes, maybe you will work the same way.

detail-oriented man

  • Pay attention to your look.

People usually analyse your appearance. So look critically at your outfit. Is it clean and well ironed? Does it suit your age, posture, and a hair color? If you have accessories such as glasses, jewellery, belts and gloves, these all have to suit your clothing. If you are going to an interview, choose the right watch. If you are trying to get a place at a bank, for example, don’t wear anything in a sport style, including your watch, shoes, and handbags. Shoes are very important, and people often forget about this detail of their appearance. They have to be clean and well polished to emphasize you like to care for small things.

  • Pay attention to your body look.

If you want to seem like a detail-oriented person, pay attention to your nails, makeup and hair. Even if you are a man, your nails have to look neat and clean, and your beard has to look good too. Your hair has to be well combed and not look like you are just got up from bed.

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  • Care for your body language and behaviour.

Your behaviour is imperative as well. You have to analyse what and how you speak, don’t use any slang and bad words. Reading of books as a daily habit, which can improve your language in a few months. If you have an interview with your employer, try to sit straight and not to hunch up. Detail-oriented people know that you body language is as critical as your appearance and your words.

  • Even your car is essential.

If your employers see your car, try to turn your car into another evidence you like details. The car has to be perfectly cleaned and neat. It is as same important as your look.

detail-oriented people

  • Don’t be late.

If you want to be a person, who is attentive to detail, you have to come to an interview on time ; otherwise, people will think you are not taking this job and your future colleagues seriously. Come 5-10 minutes earlier to show you respect your employers and their time.

  • Try to remember little things.

You have to notice a lot of information to be a detail-oriented person and a good memory can help you a lot. Try to remember different details usually, people don’t notice. It can be such details like people’s names, numbers of your passport and your credit card, the most needed phone numbers of your closest relatives and friends. You may ask what do you need this all for? Scientists say it is very useful to train our memory and our brain. An active brain will send special signals to your body, and you will spend more time more active and young. There is even a science called mnemonics, which can help you to master your brain and to turn remembering of boring facts into a funny game. You will find out many fascinating ways to keep tons of information in your head.

  • Pay attention to other people.

Try to remember faces of people you often meet, for example, of sellers in your local store, neighbours in your house or other runners you meet during your morning run. Remembering of faces will improve your visual memory and ability to notice details. As a benefit, you will work better, because your visual memory will help you to be more effective at work. Visual attention helps you to read other people’s feelings and intentions. So you can predict their behaviour. The ability to analyse everything around you may be a very useful skill for your life, that will help you every day. So become a person, who is attentive to details and enjoy this super knack.

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