How to find a good job in Nigeria?

Do you want to find a job in Nigeria today? Do you think it is quite easy or not? All answers to these questions you will find in the article below! Cheer up!

Jobs in Nigeria

Jobs in Nigeria have become more like a lottery these days considering the number of people looking for diverse types of jobs at the same time. To be able to land your dream job in any sector in Nigeria, you need to be the best both in your character and skills.

The dream of every undergraduate is to get a very good and well paying jobs the moment.  Everyone naturally have this ideology after school. The next step is to go get a job. It doesn’t matter if you have the potential to even create jobs yourself. Everyone just tries to go hunting for job once they have the certificate.

Job market in Nigeria in 2016

Job market in Nigeria in 2016 has become very saturated. There are hundreds of thousands of jobs waiting right now for grab, but there are equally millions of qualified applicants hunting to grab them. The tough competition in job market has created a situation where job owners get to see themselves as demigods, making it quite hard to meet definite employment criterion set by these job owners as a result of the huge order for vacancies.

Job market in Nigeria

People go out of their way trying to use what they have to get what they want, especially when it comes to applying for jobs in Nigeria.

Why to hunt for real jobs In Nigeria?

Most people actually hate being hunted in anyway but when it comes to jobs in Nigeria, we prefer to be hunted. There are employers and there are employees. These are two categories of people in job market, and it has been like cat and mouse relationship over the years. They never have the same opinion with each other. However, everyone needs each other.

When you apply your creative concept and create jobs for others rather that looking for one that doesn’t exist, people will hunt you down and be at your beck and call, ready to obey any command of yours.

Job market in Nigeria

The best thing to do in this situation is to try and create job for yourself. It doesn’t matter who you are and what you are good at – whoever you are, you must find something you would like to do in your life. The company you try to apply for their jobs today was once not in existence until someone like you founded it. Can you do the same today for job hunters of tomorrow? If you can think it, you can achieve it.

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However, your future job is not just about earning money and having a good time. It is about happiness and satisfaction. Therefore, if your inner happiness can be attained by getting a day job, that’s good. There are processes you can go after to find good job with no trouble in Nigeria.

How to get a great job in Nigeria?

Jobs in Nigeria are a near gamble but, in any gambling game, someone must win. How do you proceed to win in your job search game? If you fail to play your game the right way, adhering to rules and following the best practices, someone who does will win.

Nigerian Job Market

Job search in Nigeria has evolved in recent years. It t has got simpler and more complicated with the use of the Web of which there are many job sites where you can apply for jobs in Nigeria. To get your desired job, you need more than just an application.

You may not unavoidably need to make a video resume and send to any company. You are to find a way to be unexpected to land extraordinary jobs in Nigeria.

Job market in Nigeria


Whichever path you choose in your career and job search, we wish that you find the best job of your dream. If you make up your mind to get involved in startups – that will be nice for you as well. 

Job market in Nigeria

By all means, make sure you do something for yourself.

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