How to find a job in another state

Is it easy to find a job in another state of the country? What requirements are imposed to workers? Learn fresh information in the article!

Some people are interested how to find a job in another state before moving, but not all of them know how to do it. So what should you do? For a start be defined what state would you like to work in. You can find the list of the most favorable places for job in Nigeria. The leader of this list is Lagos. It is the most economically developed area with good salaries and big choice of vacancies.

find a job

You can fill an application form online. It can be found on official employers of job hunt web-sites. First of all, you have to solve for yourself for what work you can apply. Not to amuse yourself with excess illusions, answer two questions. These questions will be asked you in application letter: What specialty you really have? What foreign languages do you speak and at what level?

popular job vacancy

Popular job vacancy

Builders, drivers of a car and special equipment, and also agricultural workers are in the greatest demand. On the second place are vacancy in a services sector, entertainments and public catering: personnel of hotels, restaurants, dancers, etc. The third category is made by nurses and housemaids.


To work on some specialties additional documents are required. Besides good CV, experience and language skills the international driving license is necessary for driver and medical book in sphere of public catering.

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job hunt

How to go job hunting

The most responsible stage is a search of job hunting agency. It is the most popular way to find a job in other state.

Study advertisements attentively for a start. The firm dealing with employment issues in other states should have the license for this sort of activity.

On interview explain that specifically do you want to find. A qualified employee will ask several specifying questions and cover all nuances connected with your employment step by step. Then you can pass to vacancy choice.


Yes, it is now a lot of people want and are looking for work in another Member State, since his older can arrange malenkeya salary, or even can not find a job in their field. Many citizens traveling to a foreign country, for already knowing where and what will work. it is not necessary to go in blind, it is very scary, because you can and get to the scam and a good employer. This article is just useful for people who first want to go to work in a foreign country. What would you go, you need to know many small things which are described precisely sdes.

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