How to join Nigerian police force?

Have you ever dreamed about becoming a policeman? You have always wanted to protect people, but now you do not know how to join Nigerian police force? Are women eligible to serve in the Nigerian police? Continue reading the article to find out even more information about these issues.

Nigeria Police Academy

How to join Nigerian police force? Many young people have been asking themselves this very question since their childhood. But now it is high time to start thinking about this career seriously. The Commissioner of Nigerian Police Service Commission has been constantly thinking about the best ways to improve its service. Therefore, the bar on admission requirements has been raised recently. The Commissioner also declared that from now all third class degree holders would be qualified neither to constables nor to Cadet Inspectors.

Nigerian policemen

Are there any significant novelties?

There is one noteworthy innovation in Nigerian police recruitment in 2016. From now all applicants will have to carry out polygraph tests to determine alcoholics, drug addicts, and deceivers that could discolor the respected image of the policemen.

Polygraph test during the exam

Desire and difficulties

The considerable part of Nigerian youths like the power and strength which policemen have. Many youngsters really desire to serve in police force to be on duty for justice and honor. That is why many of them choose this job as the only possible calling in life and its real sense. That is why they make haste to fill in Nigerian police recruitment form.

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All policemen, who have already been serving, state that Nigeria police recruitment is one of the severest in Africa. Having made up their mind to become police officers, young people have to realize that there are many difficulties ahead. Among the most dangerous ones are the certain risk of their lives and health, eagerness to work at any time, and irregular operational schedule.

Nigeria police cadets

To enter police force all applicants should comply with the following Nigeria police requirements:

  • Applicant`s family members must not have any criminal records;
  • All applicants` physical training and health condition should be irreproachable;
  • The minimum applicant`s age is 18 years old;
  • An applicant should a citizen of Nigeria. Moreover, a copy of his/her nationality card must be obligatorily attached to the application.


All applicants who apply for a police officer jobs should pass the National Business and Technical Examinations, National Examination Council exams, or receive the West African Examinations certificate. Totally, an applicant ought to pass minimum five results on any State examination. Please note that English and Maths are obligatory for all candidates.

After a special and respected commission has studied and accepted an application, they will inform a candidate about the further results in a fortnight. Please also note that women are eligible to serve in the Nigerian police force. 

Nigerian police woman

Many promising applicants are also asked to fill in Nigeria police academy form. The academy in the most respected higher education institution for future policeman in the country. Thus, a competition for one place there is very strict.

Nigeria Police Academy

How many applications in 2016?

For nearly every Nigerian man it is a huge success to work as a police officer. In 2016, for various police positions there have already been accepted over 860,000 applications. But this year Nigeria needs only 10,500 new police officers. Therefore, the Entry Commission was very astounded to have received such a huge quantity of applications. That means that the selection process will be as fair and clear as possible. The President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari is also very excited about such a huge people`s interest to working in police. According to his words, it will only be good for his country.  

Nigerian police force

How will be new policemen divided?

The head of the Entry Commission has announced recently that positions amongst 10,500 new policemen will be divided as the following:

  • Six hundred cadet inspectors;
  • Six hundred cadet ASPs;
  • 1,800 special officers;
  • Ten thousand police officers.

Nigerian police officers

What is next?

Since 1998, the work in Nigerian police force has been attracting millions of Nigerians. It is both very prestigious and well-paid. Though the competition for admission to Police Academy is very challenging, many young people start to prepare for taking exams beforehand. And those ones, who really want to make service in police calling in life, will surely become the best police officers. Just never lose your heart!

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