How to pass aptitude test for Nigerian banks?

Need a great job in NIgeria? Learn how to pass aptitude test and get a bank job.

Job aptitude test helps the employer to learn about qualities of the person, whom he employs. The secret of success in passing it depends on examinee’s knowledge on subjects and answers to questions, which will be offered to him or her. Let's get to know how to pass bank job test. 

 aptitude test for Nigerian banks?

Passing bank aptitude test for employment

Each participant has a lot of time in a stock to be prepared. However, people can face with certain difficulties at exam. The matter is that they have to answer quickly and precisely on questions. Otherwise, they won't be in time. Examined has to show a maximum on what he/her is capable of to receive a good mark. It is worth to remember that the participant take a test with other people. Therefore, the good result will allocate you at employment.

How to pass aptitude test for banks?

To be effectively prepared for examination, it is necessary to solve tests from last years. There is a set of the websites, which propose such tests and its detailed solutions. You should do it every day. It will provide you success at examination.

 aptitude test ?

Let's understand what requirements are imposed by each of banks.

  • Access Bank

The test consists of two parts. Each of them includes 50 questions. Examined has to give at least 25 correct answers. The test checks knowledge of the person in mathematics, English, news about the state, and also reveals the ability to think critically. Participant of testing has to know the general information about banks, in addition.
Access Bank

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  • Bank PHB PLC

This test was created by Leading Edge Consult. This is one of the most difficult examinations. It lasts 1 hour. The test includes 70 various questions. They check knowledge of language, mathematics. Also the examinee has to be able to compare forms of various objects. There are no possible versions of the answer. Therefore, the participant has to give his own. To receive a positive assessment, it is necessary to manage with about 30 percent of tasks.

  • Citibank

It is the difficult test, which demands good logic and knowledge of mathematics. In addition, the person should make decisions very quickly. Otherwise, he will fail the exam.

The test consists of 3 levels. Each level includes mathematical and logical tasks of different complexity.

  • Diamond Bank PLC

Duration of this test makes 1 hour. It divided into 3 parts. The first one is devoted to mathematics. The second part checks knowledge of English. The third part of the test reveals ability of the person to think critically. There is an advice for participants of examination: read the instruction attentively and remember – the sooner the better.
Diamond Bank PLC

  • First Bank PLC

The test consists of 100 questions. However, organizers allow not enough time for their solving. The first part is very difficult. It consists of 10 questions. It's better not to begin with it. Examinee will spend a lot of time and won't manage to answer other questions.
First Bank PLC

The second part is rather simple, but also demands the time. It is necessary to write the point of view on some problem in English.

The third part checks ability to solve mathematical problems. If you aren't really good in mathematics, you shouldn't begin with it.

Nigerian banks

Further, there is a part in which the person can choose one of several versions of the answer. It is recommended to begin with it. This part demands a little time. The last part checks logical thinking. It is also rather simple. After execution of these two parts, you may come back to the previous questions. The exam lasts one hour. Participants are forbidden to use calculators.

Now you know about the main Aptitude Test formats in Nigeria. Don’t forget that your success depends on preparing. Remember about regular trainings. Good luck!

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