How to write a resume for a job in Nigeria: 8 resume components

Need job hunt tips? Learn how to craft an ideal CV to land the best job in your life. It can be easy, if you know these tips.

Ready to compose a CV?  This info would help you get an idea how to write a resume for a job and get your career going.

How to write a resume for a job

What is a resume?

It is your sales letter. View it as your personal advertising board. Curriculum vitae is an overview of a somebody’s professional life: experience, skills, education and personal qualities.

 resume for a job in NigeriaWhy do I need a CV?

You need one to land a job. Just like that. Most HR managers screen through resumes to find the best candidates for their vacant positions. Resume is needed to get you to the dialogue stage of employment. 

Resume components

Learning how to write a CV, do it from the firms’ point of view.

1. Contact and personal information

How to write a resume Of course, this is not the key resume part. Still you need to fill it out accurately. Indiate your full name, phone number and email. This info can be located at the very top of the CV along with the tag line or a title. 

Below in the corner add your location as well as your birth date. See, the manger wants to know how to get in touch with you, what is your age and where you are located. So, make this info ready and available for them.

Important! Do not use any funny or cute email addresses. You are a specialist this business is searching for, so be professional! Use your prudence to produce with a decent work email and leave the funny one for your personal use.

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2 .Job objective

You need to tune this section up for each position you apply to. Use one or two lines to describe the job you want to apply for. Make it brief and to the point. “I aim to take a position of the senior IT engineer or sales manager…”

3. Work highlights

How to write a resume for NigeriaIt gets more and more complex here. This section is the key one. You may call the section: Work experience or work record. That is exactly what you should post here.

List all your work highlights going from the latest one and back. Your most current involvement goes first. Make a sort of retrospective on your career. What info do you need to state here? State the dates, company name, your position there, your responsibilities. You may list them in bullet points to make the writing more comprehensible.

You may format this section as a table or just as some well-structured text. Do not hype it up. Write this section up, then edit it and remove all the extras. Remember, your CV is your ad. People take only few seconds to view ads. It has to be catchy.

Multiple researches show that the bosses are looking for the most relevant experience in CVs. And, they simply hate when people cheat in the resumes. CV is a document and it has to contain only true and reliable information about you.

Do not embellish it. Anyways they’ll know if you do. So, stick to plain facts. Make them sound professional, easy to read and relevant. That is what most managers are looking for.

4. Education

 resume for a job In this section only one rule works: best goes first. Put your best educational achievements upfront. Do not start with the school experience, start with the degree instead.

How to write a resume part on education: indicate the dates (years of studies), name your degree or diploma and name the educational institution.

If you have a major degree or diploma and trainings you may break this section into two. State your major accomplishments under the Education section and any additional trainings and courses under the certification section.

However, if you’ve got only the trainings certificates, you may list them all under the Education section to make it look more expert like and relevant.

Here is another great tip. If you have gone through a particular type of training high relevant for the job opening, you may put it up above your University degree.

Let’s say you apply for an administration position, but your major is in English. Still, you have attended training on administration. State that experience above the University one, because it is the most pertinent for your job.

5. Certification
How to write a resume for a jobAll your licensing goes here. Of course, this information should be applicable for your job position. For instance, if you aim to take a sales manager position in  a car company, but you are a certified makeup artist, this information should not be encompassed in your CV.

How to write a good resume? Give your employer what they are looking for. Yes, you may have many additional talents and even education, but is it really matching the job opening? Do not try to jam everything you may know or have in one resume. Keep it simple and to the point. And keep it short. Do not go over 1 or 2 pages.

6. Additional skills

 resume for a job in NigeriaThis section of your CV has to be tweaked often. You need to list here your key abilities and skills. This section has to become an additional argument to persuade the HR to hire you.

So, what should put here? Let’s say you aim to take an office manager position in a French company. The majority of its workers are locals, but they have top managers or teams coming from France once in a while. If you possess a great command of French, that would be a valid advantage.

- languages

Even if you have basic or intermediate level of knowledge of any foreign language, state it here. It can boost your chances for success.

- PC skills

Indicate all the OS you can work with as well as all the software you are skilled with. You may also indicate the hardware skills or programming skills under this section. List all the certificates you may have in this area.

- management and admin skills

For many job positions management skills could be a valuable bonus. So, do not hesitate and state them here.

- leadership  skills

Use short verbs to define your skills in this area. For example, I can: manage conflicts, help workers, assist, counsel, make decisions, etc. Do not go overboard with it. Cut down the list to essentials.

 resume for a job in Nigeria7.  Awards and honors

Do you take pride in the awards you won? Great. Share them with your employer. Make a list of all the honors or awards and a short description for each. Is it a personal or a professional one? Set them in two different lists.

8.  Summary

Main sales pitch should be here. Make is short, memorable and to the point. Remember, it is a summary. Highlight only the most significant information.

Every time you send your resume to a new company, this section needs be fine-tuned. Make a great and catchy title for it. This title should identify you as an expert.

Highlight your education and experience most applicable for this certain firm or position. Here is an illustration of what you can say in this section: I am goal oriented achiever, skilled in management, administration, engineering, PCs, languages, etc. I am a team worker; I deliver value and increase productivity of the entire team.

Take your time to craft these few lines to present you in a very professional and appealing light. In many cases, HR managers go straight to this section and only then read through the entire resume.

Follow these steps to learn how to write a resume and get that call you are waiting for. Make sure all the details in it are correct.  Use business language to craft it and do not let any types occur in your CV. Go over it every time you send and tweak it up to every position and company. This is how people land their dream jobs. 

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