I want to be an actor

How does one become an actor and get rich? Find out what steps to take to pave your way to glory.

I want to be an actress or an actor

I want to be an actor

Friends are tired to hear "I want to be an actor" from you? You dream of actor's career since childhood, knowing that this is your calling, but try to be more practical? Then you should go after your dream. If someone is fated to become the following Nigerian actor, so why it is not you?

I want to be an actor. Where do I start?

how to be an actor

  • Study acting skills at university or academy of arts. It is quite standard course. You will get acquainted with professionals, and automatically get a chance to work at scene. Your teachers will constantly push you to bigger. They will practically undertake all motivational part.

Some Nollywood actors haven't left secondary school. They have proved that it is possible to achieve success without official education. However, it isn't necessary to take it literally, because they may have arrived in the right time in the right place. And worked hard after that.

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  • Visit summer camp, seminars on acting skills or summer actions in your city. Some of these events can be very informative. Therefore, you have a chance to find such volume of information, which usually take month, in 2 weeks. You can take part in various shows, doing different things, and perhaps, even to receive money for your work, if you get lucky enough and camera will love you.

While you have no study, you shouldn't waste your time, and visiting of seminars and special camps is a good way to make it. If you have a job, which doesn't allow you similar pastime, take care of necessary literature for reading. Go to performances in various theaters and improvisational exhibitions, read the theory and open yourself for new ideas and schools.

becoming an actor in nigeria

If you are interested in theatrical scene, summer courses are an excellent way to begin. Performances, musicals and even operas are staged within several weeks, and they offer very valuable life experience. Especially behind-the-scenes, where you can learn much about how things work and participate in preparation of the show. All you need is to get in the crew of scenic workers and do your best to follow their orders and watch to learn.

  • Go to the audience in theatrical community. This step will become the further after University Theater. If you receive a role in public theater, then you will be able to get acquainted with people who perfect their skill, as well as you. It's a great opportunity to study something. You will also have clearer idea of your competitiveness.

Even if you don't want to play in theater, in musicals or simple plays, any experience in the drama sphere will be useful to your summary, will train you in something new and help to get new friends.

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  • Employ the teacher of acting to improve your talents. Your teacher will devote the attention only to you, and you will be able to work on your weak points. Along with them, you will discover your talents, which are your strong side. Look for the teacher who has a wide experience of work in this industry. The con of this is teacher’s salary, which can be high enough and not everyone can afford it.

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  • Define your strengths. Many producers want to know what skills you have. For example, various accents, special skills or imitation. Expand your talents to participate in big quantity of a casting. You will also fight your fear of rejection doing so.

Learn how your talents can help you to choose the correct way. Actor's career can be quite various at first. Therefore, think whether you want to play at cinema or on stage.

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  • Move to the big city. Perhaps, you should get a job (waiter, for example), but such job allows to have flexible hours for a casting and it is necessary for you.

Take it seriously: the big city is an only way to achieve what you want. If your financial case doesn't allow you to do it, try to change a situation. If there is a desire, the way will be found. For example, rent an apartment with several other people. Thus, you will save money for living.
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  • As soon as you appear in the desirable place, you begin to make new acquaintances. Even becoming the actor or the actress of masses is a good start. Open castings are carried out constantly. Information about it can be found in the Internet.

 To become an actor is rather difficult, but it is worth it. If you have a talent and persistence, everything surely will turn out. Be not afraid of problems and go towards your dream. Like in any area, if you try for many times and work hard in the case of success, you’ll definitely achieve a lot.


Actor become not everyone can, for example, I am very afraid to play a role on the stage, and I was not comfortable not to portray myself, I think that it should already be born with a man, such a charisma that will further contribute to the development of man. This is to be given to a journalist who is a model, and to whom the atheroma. It is necessary to have a great talent to become famous and to play many roles. But I think that the very complex life of the actors, as they are in life may play a role, and someone did not understand. I like all the code lying very red, and play a role where it really would not be able to do not you at all.

Answered 1 year ago.

Be prepared for the fact that the artist is not just a profession but a certain rhythm of life. So, if you are a fairly passive and relaxed person, like to sleep a lot and walk, you are most likely to conquer Hollywood not be able. To dream has become a reality, you need a lot of hard work. We offer you to learn about what it takes to be an actor. Thinking about the question how to become an actor without education, first of all, identify your character on the subject of the determination. For example, if you've always been very uncomfortable when having to speak even in front of a small audience or do you shy away from the camera, then it is unlikely you will get a sensible artist. If things are exactly the opposite and courage in this respect is not to take, try their hand at acting career.

Answered 1 year ago.
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