I want to quit my job

Tired of being a slave to your job? Find out how to quit it and go travelling. Make a plan that really works.

Are you tired of everyday routine? Want to change your life? There are those, who decide to have fresh start, to leave their annoying job and boss and to try new things. However, majority of us are sometimes afraid to make this important step. So, if you keep saying: I want to quit my job, follow our instructions and tips to make such shift easier.

i want to quit a job

How to make a decision?

It's vital to understand, when you should quit. Their might be various signs and reasons for such choice. Among them, there exist the following:

  • You hate your job. It isn't good to work in place, you don't like. Sometimes people do things, they literally hate. If you keep enduring such state of affairs, it may lead to breakdown or some other problems with your mental or even physical health.
  • Difficult environment. It's not very simple to deal with colleagues or boss. They can hate, envy you or just be unfriendly, thus, creating a negative atmosphere. It has a bad impact on mental health as well. If you are surrounded by foes 40 hours per week, it may raise various mental complexes and lower your self-esteem very much.
  • Working hours. If you understand, you may have little time for family or to relax, it's better to quit. To lose family is worse than to leave a job.
  • Change of career. When you feel, you want to try something else, to have new experience (for example, you are tired of sitting in office all day long), leave a job.

quit a job

There may be other reasons to change the place you work or start new life without a boss or with a new one, but those're the most common ones.

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I want to quit my job and travel

quit job and travel

Many people are bored, while sitting in office in front of PCs or doing same monotonous work day by day. Such guys often decide to leave job, because they desire to travel and get new experience, emotions and acquaintances. Nevertheless, majority of us usually claim: I want to quit my job but I'm scared. And it is understandable, as you still require money to support your living and feel a kind of stability. In fact, there nothing to be afraid of, if you do everything wisely. The following tips'll help to make that so-called retirement smoother:

  • Decide, what you actually don't like. Is it your job, the place you work or your career? If it is career, you must find completely new occupation. If you do not want to work for this particular boss anymore, try to find a new place or start business or do freelance jobs. Today there is great number of ways, how to make a living. Another thing if you hate the office work as it is – in this case, freelance position will be the best answer for you, providing work opportunity in any place of the world you like.
  • Have some savings. Never leave job impulsively. You should be morally and financially ready for this step. Save enough money.
  • Cut your expenses. Remember, the less you spend, the more your save. Besides, you'll feel confident and also less scared.
    make a living
  • Choose, what you are going to do next. Consider, what you are good at and what you really enjoy doing. It will allow to make a better decision. You can try any type of occupation, even a brand new, the one you’ve never thought of before.
  • Do not burn the bridges. It is recommendable not to say aloud that you hate co-workers, boss, or job. The situation may change and you might have to return to previous work. Thus, it is advisable to have kind of backup plan. But still, returning to the previous place may not always be a good solution – even the next swamp of work routine will be fresher than the old one you’ve had.
  • Have enough support. Without it, you may get depressed after the first hardships. It is good, if your friends of family are on your side and give you all support.
  • Set proper goals. They must not be global, but small. They are usually easier to achieve. Nevertheless, if you aspire something really big then separate this into smaller portions that are easy to achieve and move one by one. Thus you’ll be able to keep track of your progress and that will inspire you to wade further.

One more important thing's to have a break. After you leave your job, you should have rest. It's often advisable to see the world, while you still have time (along with money and desire) for travelling. Of course, it isn't cheap, but you should save enough money for this before your quitting. Such strategy will allow to have a fresh start whenever you want.

freelance work

Sometimes it can seem scary to leave job, you've got used to. However, if you want to do it, it's vital to make the necessary preparations listed above. Think everything over beforehand. Set the purposes and then try.


Psychologists say that if you feel unappreciated or believe that Monday morning - the worst of the week, it's time to change jobs. But how to do it so as not to hurt yourself?

Shift work requires first of all skills ... career change. If you still have not had to deal with concepts such as the resume, recruiting, interviewing, etc., It is now necessary not only to learn, but also learn how to use them to your advantage. And it will take time - then we should start with the introduction of new processes for you in advance.

It is clear that in the interview with the new potential employer old you are unlikely to be let go unpunished. So, with the work will have to resign to be able to safely engage in the search for new, plan your time according to the schedule of interviews, etc. This leads to the logical conclusion -. Who will support you all the time? So, we need to begin to shape the financial cushion, the money supply, which will keep you afloat for at least three months.

We must start with an overview of available vacancies. As practice shows, "ask the price" to the proposed position is much better without haste, and having a behind the rear in the form of active income - your current, even unloved work, but with a stable salary. This should start with the question itself - what you want from your new job? What should it be? Whether you want to work for their current profession or will learn some new skills? Will it work for hire or you become a "free artist" and leave in frilansing? How high salary you want?

With a resume. At the start of your active campaigns on interviews already be formed complete picture not only about what kind of job you are looking for, but that you can offer the employer themselves. It is no secret that in the summary of recruiters (HR staff) carefully read not only a list of your past achievements, but also your aspirations and desires. Suddenly, your strategy does not coincide with the strategy of the company in which you want to get to work.

And another important point - if you are determined to change the place of work, do not hold the new projects to settle for a new job, the fulfillment of which may be delayed. It is not necessary to force people, even if in the current colleagues, you do not cherish warm feelings. After all, if you finish this work do not have time, it will create problems for those who remain. But you need a good reputation.

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The fear that colleagues will persuade and force you to stay, also not groundless. On an unconscious level others feel when we are vulnerable and can see that if leverage, salivette, we will succumb to the entreaties.

All this together prevents to make a decision, no matter how justified it was. We are on an unconscious level beforehand feel bad, what can not endure.

Why is this happening? How to decide on the dismissal? Says system-vector psychology, there are many people with special "square" type of mentality, which are the best professionals, responsible workers, best friends and for psychological comfort which is very important to observe that same equality. These are people with so-called anal vector.

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