Is Nigeria Airforce recruitment form out?

Have a dream of becoming a pilot? Learn if the application form for Nigerian Air Force is out and how you can join it.

Nigeria air force appeared in 1961. It was created to maintain peace in Congo and Tanganyika. After that, the government has ordered to use planes in further conflicts. 1962 is considered the year of their official acceptance. Since then the service in NAF is considered highly prestigious. If you have enough courage to join it, read about Nigerian airforce recruitment 2016. So, how to join Nigerian airforce?

Is Nigeria Airforce recruitment form out

How to apply for Nigerian Airforce?

Before beginning to fill application form, check whether you correspond to the following criteria. You should have Nigerian nationality. Your age has to be from 17 to 22 years (for classical service) and 17 to 24 for Nigerian air force short service. You shouldn't be married. The person has to be healthy on all medical indicators. Growth of the applicant has to be from 165 cm for women and from 168 for men.

 Nigerian Airforce recruitment form

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Then you need to send recruitment form by official e-mail. Registration periods 2016 began on February 8. It was closed on March 25.

Is Nigeria Airforce recruitment

After your application is accepted, you'll be invited to additional stage, if officials consider you proper for the selection. It is Nigerian Air force interview and Recruitment Exercise. These tests last from 11 to 26 in April.

 Airforce recruitment form

Nigerian air force ranks

Nigerian air force ranks

At first, the person gets Aircraftman/woman rank. Then she/he can be raised to (in ascending order): Lance Corporal, Corporal, Sergeant, Flight Sergeant, Warrant Officer, Master Warrant Officer and Air Warrant Officer.

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