Is there job seeker allowance in Nigeria?

Is news about seeker allowance for graduates true of not? Read the article and you’ll learn it.

The government of Nigeria declared that president Buhari never promised jobless graduates to pay job seeker allowance at rate of N5.000 monthly. Assistant of vice-president, Mr. Laolu Akande said it in interview in the state residence.

president Buhari

Akande, who is on service of Yemi Osinbajo controlling economy, has responded to the statement about Buhari. He excluded a possibility of payment of monthly allowances of N5.000 to every job seeker. We will remind that before presidential elections 2015, the president and his representatives promised it.

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election promise

He reported that the government of Nigeria has the budget insufficient for payment of grants to all jobless students. According to Akande, they have an opportunity and promised to pay money only to extremely poor Nigerians, but not jobless graduates as it has been said in the statement. He declared that the promise made for the poor is still in force. 'Half a trillion naira was provided to the budget in 2016. The first time in the history of the country the budget has such huge sum. However it has to be directed to social investments. If to be more precisely, extremely poor citizens will receive benefits’ – he said.

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‘N500bn makes about 20 percent of state budget that allows creating six programs of social guarantees. One of such guarantees is Conditional Cash Transfer, which promises monthly payments to very poor Nigerians. As for graduates, they have an opportunity to get a job thanks to unemployed graduates program. According to this program, students are trained to teach, during job search and basis of career. In the course of training, some sum is paid to them.

job seeker allowance

Such program is available to a half of one million people. Also 370.000 people without higher education will be able to receive vocational education necessary for work. They will also receive money during training’ – said assistant Akande.

Apparently, election promise about graduates was only a gossip or incorrectly understood statement.

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