Jobs in Nigeria: What ministries require applicants?

What people who want to get a job in Nigerian ministries should do? Where to find an application form and how to fill it correctly? Read the article to learn the rules how to get a job of your dream.

jobs in nigeria

Jobs in Nigeria 2016

Nigerian federal Public service has listed more than 90 jobs including Department of Oil Resources. All vacancies specified in the list are available to the filing of the application on receipt. To request vacancy in any of jobs, applicants have to visit Federal Civil Service Recruitment. Among the specified vacancies for applicants, there are Bureau of Government procurement, the Federal Ministry of Education, the Federal ministry of Labour & Productivity, the Federal Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Federal ministry of information and Culture and others. Application for all citizens is free according to ILO. Confirmation will be sent to users within 6 weeks from the date of application. Before sending the statement, make sure that your e-mail and phone are exact. It means that FCSC will use these data to send notifications about the status of your statement. E-mails will be sent to everyone who has successfully finished the registration process. If you were registered and haven't received the e-mail till the evening of the same day, you can use the e-mail and password to finish the application.

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Those who have problems with the filling of forms have to study the following recommendations: this portal of recruitment has been optimized for all types of devices. Therefore, you can fill in the application form, using any of above-mentioned devices. However, an opportunity to be connected to service directly depends on the speed of your Internet, provider, and some external conditions like global weather. If you had problems during fulfillment of a form, you can use another device for connection. So, if you want to get jobs in Nigeria in ministries, fill the form on the official site today!

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