N-Power jobs: How to participate in the program?

What is the quantity of students who will get a right to take part in the program of administration by President Muhammadu Buhari? What is the date of the beginning of the program? Read the article to learn the latest details about how to participate in the program.

Apply for npower jobs

Apply for npower jobs

About one million students in Nigeria who submitted the application for the program of administration of President Muhammadu Buhari online were considered to choose final 500.000 for two-year volunteer vacancies. Npower also have programs for people without the higher education. On Monday, the Federal government issued the schedule for the following phase of the npower jobs program, which is directed to the creation of workplaces and expansion of opportunities for the Social Investing program. At a new stage of the program, candidates will be estimated on the basis of their certain chosen programs before the commission makes a final choice. Applicants should log in and fill in their telephone numbers and surnames as it were specified initially, using their personal profile (which was open for each applicant).

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Laolu Akande, the High-ranking Special assistant to the vice-president in advertising and media told that all candidates would be notified by means of the SMS. Tests will include some personal and other questions allowing checking elementary knowledge of English, general knowledge and reasons for the choice. Applicants have to remember also that they will be tested on other specific questions depending on the program, which they requested. Applicants should also know that they could pass tests on the smartphone, the tablet, the laptop or the personal computer provided that devices have an Internet connection. Successful candidates will be chosen to participate in the n-power jobs program. Applicants can get access to the profile as it is provided in the schedule, which is constituted on the basis of the first letters of surnames of applicants. Based on the schedule, the program will begin on Tuesday, September 20, 2016.

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