National youth service corps batch 2016 will begin from June 13

What are requirements for those who wish to become the participant of National youth service corps this year? Read the article below to learn the latest information about the service.

National youth service corps batch 2016

National youth service corps batch 2016

Management of NYSK hurries to notify all possible participants that commander-in-chief of Nigeria, president Muhammadu Buhari has approved creation of funds directed to implementation of planned scheme of recruitment in fact-finding course.
The fact-finding course will begin on June 13 and will end on June 29, 2016 across the nation.
Some participants of course will become members of NYSC to begin printing letters about an appeal on June 7th 2016, by 12 of midday as letters about appeal, printed earlier, were invalid.
The management has also thanked all interested in national youth service corps orientation camp for demonstration of patience waiting for new dates. It wishes free orientation to all participants.

national youth service corps orientation camp

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National youth service corps recruitment

•    Possible participants of national youth service corps in Nigeria should guarantee that they have valid and functional e-mail addresses, on which they can get access to portal, and phone numbers, on which it is possible to be registered.
•    Members of the corps as expect, will use JAMB for registration passing.
•    Foreign arriving has to provide a guarantee that their educational institutions are subject to accreditation. The letter from the state check has to be attached to the application.

National youth service corps recruitment
•    If you were trained outside Nigeria, you have to provide the following documents:
1.    WASC (not less than 5 examinations on two directions) or its equivalent,
2.    Certificate on general education,
3.    NECO or its equivalent,

national youth service corps in Nigeria
4.    Certificate on the graduation of high school,
5.    Certificate of Higher National Diploma (HND),
6.    The international passport for travel, in which date of departure and term of stay in certain place is specified,
7.    Letters from state check for graduates of establishments in Ghana, Republic of Benin and any other institutes, which accreditation raises doubts.

national youth service corps in Nigeria 1
•    Applicants who studied in not English-speaking countries have to provide copies of documents with their full translation.
•    Those who have graduated from the universities on directions of pharmaceutics or medicine should have NMDCN and PCN.
•    Foreigners, unlike last year, shouldn't visit NYSC for verification of their documents. Now it will be made in Camps of Orientation. They have to just print the letters on appeal online and be in camp in their state. But they should arrive to Nigeria with original documents loaded into registration time for check.
•    The one who submits any counterfeit document will be demobilized and deducted from camp. Besides, the participant who is not available to check will be also demobilized.

national youth service corps orientation camp 1
•    Possible members of the camp have to guarantee that the used photos of passport make the following technical requirements:
1.    Your face (eyes, nose, ears, mouth and jaw) are completely shown,
2.    Be convinced that the photo has a white or dirty-white background without shadows.
•    Possible members of the corps shouldn't be registered by proxy. They have to provide also a fingerprint as it will be used for verification of data in camp. Those who won't be checked on fingerprint, won't be registered in camp.

National youth service corps batch 2016 1
•    Only those members of the corps who have received dates and letters of appeal by means of the SMS and have printed their letters, are allowed to participation. Most likely, they have to pay duty at a rate of N3.000.
•    Possible members who can't pay N3.000 have an opportunity to address their schools.
•    All participants who paid for registration online in 2014 or 2015, but haven't been mobilized, shouldn't pay again.
•    Female married members should load copies of marriage certificates, proofs of change of surname and certificate on the residence.

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