Nigeria police recruitment 2016: 80 to 1 competition for the jobs!

How do you get hired by Nigerian police in 2016 and how high is the competition? Find out now.

Currently Nigeria police has started recruitment for 2016. It opens up 10 000 jobs for the applicants to fill in. It seems like this year the competition for the Nigeria police recruitment 2016 is going to be extremely tough.

Nigeria police recruitment

Police recruitment in Nigeria – How many have already applied?

On May 2, 2016 we’ve got the report of over 800 000 people sending in their application forms to Nigerian police. The popularity of some of the job openings is just amazing.

For instance, the most popular position is that of PC (Police Constable) and over 400 000 people have filed Nigeria police recruitment form to become one. The 2nd most popular position eagerly sought after is the ASP (Assistant Superintendent of Police) and over 240 000 people filed for it. Finally, the 3rd most popular Nigeria police job in the Nigerian Police Force is police inspector and over 170 000 wish to obtain it.

They expect more applications to be turned in and their total number would reach 1 million! So, the competition level for the 10 000 available jobs would rise to 100 to 1.

job in police

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Nigeria police recruitment requirement – who’s got a chance?

First of all, they say that part of the applicants will automatically fall out of the competition, as they are too old. Those being 30+ years of age are just too old for the job.

work in police

What are some of the other major requirements for Nigeria police recruitment 2016? Well, one of them is this: you have to be the citizen of Nigeria with a valid ID card. You should possess a good command of English language and should be able to pass at least two exams: English and math. You should also have an OND.

police jobs nigeria

If you wish to be an ASP, you should have your HND, too. And you should file your application before May 13, 2016, as it is the end date of the Nigeria police recruitment 2016.

As you may see, these requirements may reduce the competition level a bit. So, if you match them, you still have a hope of getting a police job in Nigeria.


To work with the police? To of course is very prestigious and high for a person, but that would be sure to have the skills and determination to get there. I believe that anybody can not take, you need to take specially trained people who will serve the country and defend the citizens justly. Police, who are themselves from pryatavtsya pristupnikov, nobody should. This is a very interesting and useful articles, for people who want roabotat the police, but most importantly do not forget that you need to work and not sit pants. That is my opinion, from someone else more.

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