Nigerian army recruitment: what trades are required?

What are the basic requirements for people who what to join the Nigerian army? What are the necessary documents? Read the article to learn.

Army recruitment: closing date and rules

Army recruitment: closing date and rules

While you read this article, time of giving of application in Nigerian army has already begun. According to information provided on their official site, very soon they will begin 75 Regular Recruits Intake 2016 among all segments of the population, including both men and women. Every time when recruitment in army begins, users have to remember that they should use only the official portal to avoid frauds. The administration warns that the official application form will be only on their website, and all participants shouldn't address strangers for the purchase of an application form to avoid fakes. Also, they have declared that any attempts of lie and obtaining information from the Nigerian portal will be pursued according to the law.

What are the basic steps of creating an application form to begin participation of Nigerian Army Recruitment this year?

  • Create the account on the portal of Nigerian army. You should enter a username and the password. The username is your email address, which you will be able to use at an entrance at any time even if you have forgotten the password.
  • Fulfill the questionnaire. Print out the electronic version of a form and fill it also.
  • Visit the official site and trace whether you have been included in lists before preliminary examination.
  • Take part in an examination in the office, which you have chosen. This address will also be specified on the website.
  • Trace the status of request about a participation in the preliminary expert examination. If you have passed it successfully, the website will notify you about it.
  • Participate in a final part of the check-in center determined by a territorial arrangement of all participants.

Nigerian Army Recruitment

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However, as usual, there are certain requirements for all participants. What quality has the expert to have this year?

  • Applicants have to have a Nigerian origin.
  • Age of unemployed women has to be between 18 and 22 years by July 2016.
  • The working women have to be aged between 18 and 26 years by July 2016.
  • Applicants have to be healthy, physically from the medical point of view and in the psychological relation. Their growth has to be not less than 1.65 meters high for the man and 1.56 meters for the woman.
  • Applicants of candidates, who had a criminal record aren't considered.
  • Applicants only of those participants, who have filled a declarative form correctly, are considered. The form has to be surely printed.

Nigerian Army Recruitment portla

What are the obligatory conditions for every participant?

  • Photocopies of the birth certificate and confirmation of age.
  • Photocopies of the academic certificates and documents from the place of work.
  • The identification letter signed by the employee of authority.
  • Any applicant has to be notified that false documents have to be disqualified in time or after training. Such applicant has also no more right to participate in a competition and can even be pursued in court.
  • Candidates whose photos aren't presented in electronic form have no further rights for participation in short lists and examinations.

And, at last, what vacancies are the well-demanded to Nigerians for today? See the list of 5 of them:







Plant Operator

Refrigeration and Air Condition technician

Welder/Metal Work

Iron Bender

Aluminum Work technician

Not less than 4 credits (one of them on English). The candidate has to reach it only in 2 sittings in WASSCE

The participant has to provide the following documents about his/her work:

Government Trade Test 1

Apprenticeship Certificate

OND or certificate from approved Institutions


Electronic installations and maintenance worker

Radio TV and electronic worker

Computer Operation and maintenance worker

Workshop practices

ICT competence in various fields

Data communication and network technician

Competence in VSAT installations, networking and infrastructural design worker

Knowledge in Urban Communication System (UCS) deployment, employment, and networking

Surveillance technology

Fiber Optics Technology

Electrical technician

Computer technician

Proficiencies in the French Language

Skills in CCTV installations and networking.

Not less than 4 credits (one of them on English). The candidate has to reach it only in 2 sittings in WASSCE

Vocation Trade certificate, knowledge of technical French



Boat Operator

Boat Engineer

Not less than 4 credits (one of them on English). The candidate has to reach it only in 2 sittings in WASSCE

3-year experience of driving

Basic catering course and boat operations

OND or certificate from approved Institutions


Lab technician

X-Ray technicians

Dental technician

Pharmacy technician

Environmental technician

Biomed technician

Medical supply engineer

Not less than 4 credits (one of them on English). The candidate has to reach it only in 2 sittings in WASSCE

OND or certificate from approved Institutions


Fabrication/panel beater

Vehicle mechanic

Radio/Electronic technician

Instrument Technician

Mechanical/Electronic Engineering

Air-Conditioner technician

Spray painting

Vulcanizing technician

Electro-medical technician

Boat technician

Sign Writer

Generator/Plant technician

Automotive Electrician

Automotive Electrician

Not less than 4 credits (one of them on English). The candidate has to reach it only in 2 sittings in WASSCE

Graduation from technical college

OND or certificate from approved Institutions

Trade Test Certificate


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