NYSC latest news 2016: Would the corpers allowance be reduced by 25%?

Getting ready for your NYSC? Find out if it is true that the allowance of corpers be cut by 25%.

Recently Nigerians got a big buzz on social media about the NYSC service and allowance reduction for the corpers. This NYSC news has stirred the entire community. Find out what the service official had to say.

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Will the NYSC corpers allowance be reduced by 25%?

According to National Youth Service Corps this statement has nothing to do with reality and it is just a gossip. NYSC Director has announced that the information is false and corps members would not be reduced by number.

Even though by now the allowance for corpers has not been increased using funds and power of NYSC, it would not be reduced. The raising of the allowance has to be handled by the federal government and not by the Service.

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While the rumors have been out and doing mischief among people, the corpers remained calm and focused on doing their business and carrying out their service.

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The prospective of increasing the pay to corpers is only possible, if the civil servants get high wages as well. And that is done by the Salaries and Wages Commission, and not by the NYSC. So, this NYSC news turned out to be false and there is nothing to worry about. 


For those countries that have come to expect from the country better, reduce their benefits are very upset. It should be the other way around povyshatsya, as all prices are rising, and it is not true when allowance is reduced. This is a very interesting and useful article for neoboznanyh citizens. People can, and many do not know why indignant about lowering benefits, many people have the money to live, and if etoe benefits taken away, just do not have the money to live. Therefore it is necessary, naoboot improve living standards of its citizens.

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