Police jobs: how to join police in Nigeria?

How to enter police groups in Nigeria? How to submit the application? Find it information not to miss the chance for prestigious job!

Many people are attracted by the power, which police officers have. Someone really wants to serve in police for honor and justice. Police jobs for such people are real business and sense of all life. For this reason they ask the question: How to join police in Nigeria?

police jobs

When you stopped your choice at police jobs in NJ, it is worth thinking of necessary difficulties, such as risk with health and life, irregular working hours and readiness for work at any time. If your relatives and you have no criminal record and your health and physical training conform to requirements for work in police, then you can consider such vacancies.

police jobs in NJ

NJ police jobs requirements

  • You should be not less than 18 years old at the time of application,
  • You should have a citizenship of Nigeria,
  • The applicant has to pass Waec, Neco or Nabteb. In total, he must pass not less than 5 results on state exams. Mathematics and English are necessary tests for everyone,
  • You have to attach the copy of your card confirming nationality to the application,
  • Specify date of birth and attach the photo from your passport.

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After the commission will accept and consider your application, the result will become known to you. At positive answer the candidate will be invited for further tests in the service. Police recruitment began on the 1st of April in 2016.

NJ police jobs

Nigerian police news

The service in police has a huge success. More than 700 thousand applications for different positions were accepted at the moment. At the same time they planned to take only 10000 new workers. It became a big surprise for commission.

President Buhari has officially approved 10 thousand places to strengthen police forces in the country.

According to the chairman of commission, PSC will continue to consider applications from participants and will make this process the most fair. He believes that it will be better for Nigeria. Okiro is very excited with huge interest of the population in police. ‘It could provide service with a quality assurance and would stop non-compliance with the law in number of states’.


In order to work and serve in the police first need to have an education and the duty to serve for his country. Serve need fairly and honestly, because you need not go for the sake of prestige. Since many people are now in need of a fair defense, and it is necessary that the police would give them a guarantee, but not so that people do not go to the police only because they still can not do anything. This is a very good article for people who serve the people though the police, as well as what is needed for this. We will monitor the further development of the police in Nigeria.

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