Sexy jobs: what are the hottest ones in Nigeria?

Is your job sexy? Find out now what people think of it.

Is there such a thing as a sexy job? Well, it seems like some professions are sexier than others. What is the list of hot Nigerian jobs? Get the 3 top one for men and for women.

Sexy jobs:

Hot jobs in Nigeria

Famous dating Tinder app has carried out a research. They asked people to share their preferences on the sexy jobs that capture their attention and make them start a conversation with possible dates. The list is a real surprise, especially on behalf of men.

We would think guys deem actresses or models to be hot. However, they like therapists, interior designers and women entrepreneurs instead! Those are the three hottest jobs men like.

As to the women, they are more predictable. They like guys with money, so they pick pilots, businessmen and firefighters. The last one obviously comes from some sex fantasy movie!

Sexy jobs pilot

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Now, that’s the list for Tinder people, but how about hottest jobs in Nigeria? Well, hot jobs 2016 list is pretty similar. Men like strong, smart and money making ladies. And girls love men with money! So, pilot and businessman stay on our list, ad we can add a bank worker, engineer and oil industry folks.

As we see, money is hot both for girls and for men, too. If you wish to find great dates, aim to make more money and even your looks won’t be as important as that.

Finally, on Tinder people do not consider models or actors/actresses that sexy! Share your opinion now with us.


Well, could not resist and did not comment on the previous post . In my opinion , a bank employee - also quite sexy profession , because the mind - excites many women. So , your profession , too, can be attributed to sex . But about the article , I can say that some of the professions is absolutely not sexy for me . For example the pilot . Yes, he has a good salary . But what is sexy? Okay hostess - she is sexy, attractive, well, it's even possible to consider sexual profession. So, a little objectivity.

Answered 1 year ago.

My work is of course far from being sexy, I'm an employee of the bank, and then only to work wisely, and no sexuality. Even you can not think about it. Of course I would like to work on what that sex work, because I have a beautiful figure and face, and I would like to show at least a little but that's all. I believe that sex work can be a lot of profession. But not fulgarnoy not love pole dance, for me it is very vulgar, but what the other, I would have danced with pleasure. But all the hard work, even on the sexual.

Answered 1 year ago.

Apparently, many people, so many opinions. I was thinking that sex can be even cook profession, it all depends on how a woman gives herself and whether it wants to apply it yourself. Very strange that the man did not notice these same cooks, because the former without which they can not do - no food, so let's be honest. I think the profession sexy - this is where a person, whether male or female, feel confident and relaxed. It is in these moments a person feels and sexy too. This is just my opinion, I do not pretend to have the truth, and men offer to be considerate to other professions of the weaker sex, because you never know where you will find ...

Answered 1 year ago.
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