What are freelance job opportunities in Nigeria?

Have you ever thought of starting working online from home? If so, you should check the freelance job opportunities in Nigeria!

freelance in nigeria

The modern world tends to seek a job to work from home online. This type of work is usually called freelance. You use your set of skills to perform the work you are able to do and enjoy doing, without leaving your house. It creates a kind of working on yourself, when the reward depends exclusively on your results.
Nigeria is not exception; many young people wish to work away from the office, taking care of their home duties while working. Nowadays if you want to start doing something, it is very essential to be aware of available opportunities of jobs in Nigeria.

Freelance Writer

freelance writer

Currently the most popular and spread freelance job in Nigeria. Moreover, not only in Nigeria! Young people with writing skills from many countries prefer to benefit from what they are able to do, gaining a good money.
The requirement for the freelance writers are the same in every company. Freelance writer’s skills must be at the level to hold the attention of a big number of readers; he or she must have a good portfolio of written works and what’s important is the ability to write in half-friendly avoiding a strict providing of facts.
Don’t forget that freelance writers post the articles themselves, so they are ought to have some understanding of Internet concepts and how they work.

Sales Representative

sales rep

Sales representatives that work from home are responsible for communication and information technologies services. For example, the registration of the domains, hosting and data services, setting up the email account for the company workers etc. Earnings may be both salary-based and commission-based. Sometimes, even combined.
The main task of a sales rep is to close sales, so you will be obliged to perform mass mailing, cold callings, and data mining for leads. Usually a company that employs you provides the phone numbers and data, but sometimes you have to research it yourself.
You will also have to close deals and organize the accounts negotiations. All the candidates for sales reps must be experienced in sales in the ICT industry. Moreover, they must have a good technical background.

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Graphic Designer 

graphic design

If you are good at creating logos and animations, you may earn over $60 per hour, sitting home on your sofa. Consider that every graphic designer must possess a good portfolio of designs and Flash works.
If you take photos and you’re good at it, don’t forget to add this information to your resume or CV. Companies tend to hire designers that create exclusive designs using their own photos.
Currently the job of a graphic designer is highly demanded.


freelance translator

Translators are very similar to freelance writers. Usually they make re-writing of the articles from their original language. Many Nigerians know second European language asides the English. The most spread are French, Portuguese, German etc. And even some Asian languages like Chinese or Japanese.
If you know more than three languages that suit a job of translator, you may gain a big money!

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