What are the jobs where you work alone?

What are the professions and jobs for the introvert, if he doesn't like to keep contact with people and doesn't want to work in a team? This is what we will discuss in this article.


Psychologically people can be divided into extroverts and introverts.

  • Extroverts are active, initiative and sociable. They are easy to meet new people and find the common language with them, as well as feel great in any team and openly express their opinions. They need contacts with others because the get energy from communication.
  • Introverts are the complete opposite of extroverts. They are silent, outwardly calm, introverted, do not like to make new friends, feel uncomfortable in the company of strangers, avoid big companies and are immersed in their internal world. Unlike extroverts, introverts get their energy from socializing with a small circle of people they trust, and from immersion in the own inner world.

Loneliness is a condition painful for the extrovert, and comfortable for the introvert. In the crowd, the extrovert will feel like a fish in water, for the introvert, it is a big psychological stress.

However, introverts have their strengths: they are patient and persistent, thoughtful and considerate, have analytical thinking, are less influenced by the opinion of others.

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Their achievements in the professional field are also not always immediately visible, although among the world's celebrities there are a lot of introverts. Among them, we can name physicist Albert Einstein, naturalist and scientist Charles Darwin, writer Franz Kafka, the founder of Microsoft Bill Gates.

Therefore, before choosing a profession, it is worth considering what type of people we are. This will help to avoid further disappointments and stress if we suddenly realize that the profession of journalist, teacher or manager require sociability, which is not consistent with our character.

The introvert should not try to change himself to become extrovert because it will bring nothing but internal dissatisfaction. Besides, there are many professions where introverts can realize their potential.

So, here are the jobs where introverts can work alone.

  • The translator, working with texts. This job involves minimal interaction with people and a maximum of concentration and attention, the things that the introvert does best. Besides, you can live and work on an individual schedule, because for the customer the main thing is the quality work done before the deadline. Being guided by their own rules is what the introvert values.


  • Accountant. The profession of an accountant requires perseverance, concentration, thoroughness, attentiveness and desire to get to the truth – all the qualities of an introvert. Moreover, to "communicate" with numbers is much easier than with people. The same is true about the profession of financial analyst. The extrovert finds these jobs too boring.


  • IT. Most of the time programmers spend working with their computers. Even if the job requires their presence in the office, they are often so fascinated by the process of working that they don’t pat attention to the presence of others. The job of the programmer requires concentration and perseverance; that’s why it is ideal for introverts. Of course, to master this profession is not easy, but it’s worth it – good programmers make good money.


  • Designer. In the work of the designer, it’s important to be able to switch off from the outside world to immerse yourself in a world of your own fantasies. Designers need to possess sensitivity and ability to see beauty where others do not see it. Therefore, good designers are by nature, rather, introverts than extroverts.


  • Writer. Psychologists believe that introverts feel comfortable and are most efficient in a quiet environment with minimal distractions. The time of advanced digital technology enables people-introverts to avoid unwanted communication at a time when they do not need it. This is especially true of those whose work requires concentration and immersion in his inner world.


  • Florist. Introverts are able to see and appreciate the beauty and harmony of nature, so working among the flowers will be easier than working among men.


  • Veterinarian. You’ve probably heard such quote: "The more I know people, the more I like dogs."  Introverts are sensitive, vulnerable and easily hurt by a careless word. For introverts, to find a common language with animals will be easier than with people.


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