What are the most popular job interview questions?

What questions do almost all employers ask? How to prepare for them and what answers will lead you to success? Find out top 9 interview questions in this article!

 interview questions

If you are looking for a job, the most important thing you need to be ready for is the job interview. How to have a successful meeting? It is easy – you need to prepare carefully beforehand. The first step you need to take is to find answers to the most common interview questions and rehearse your responses. 

Here are top nine most common interview questions, which most employers ask. Also, we provide you with answers which will lead your interview to the successful outcome. Maybe some question will seem you cliché and too typical, but believe us, they are still being asked in interview rooms consistently in 2016 year.


1.    Why should we hire you?

This is a very common question which is asked during the interview. This is your chance to stand out of the crowd and show how useful you will be for the company. The most important thing is to be specific. Hiring manager must understand that you are unique. Don’t be too general with the question and don’t be too modest, because this is your opportunity to shine.

To answer this question, you must do some research beforehand. You need to understand why the company wants somebody for this post. What problems must the candidate solve? You should show that you can address these problems. Also, you can tell your success story which demonstrates your special qualities which company also needs.

 Why should we hire you?

2.     What is your greatest weakness?

Most candidates are afraid of this question, but actually, there is nothing bad in it. Follow this important tip precisely – choose a weakness which is not a keep competence for the job you want to get. Additionally, you must show that you have taken steps to work on this weakness and that you have some improvements.  You should demonstrate what you have done to overcome it.

Don’t try to ignore this question, instead, show that you are “self-aware”. And never focus on weakness which is the key competence of your job.

What is your greatest weakness?

3.    What is your greatest strength?

This is kind of straight forward question and a great chance to guide the interview where you want it to go. This is your opportunity to relate your story of success.  You will succeed if you choose a strength which is important for your company and especially for the position you are pretending. So do some research beforehand.

Don’t tell about strength, if you can’t provide an example. Also, don’t claim that you are superman and don’t pretend to be overly modest either.

What is your greatest strength?

4.    Where do you see yourself in five years?

This question may seem simple at the first glance, but it is not so if you go deeper into the matter. The main trick here is to demonstrate that you are an ambitious person and focused on the job without showing that your head is in the clouds. So demonstrate the level of commitment to the exact position. Highlight your interest in a long-term career at the company.

Remember, you shouldn’t tell something like “I want to be a CEO of the company in five years.” 

Where do you see yourself in five years?

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5.    What is your greatest achievement?

This one is similar to the question about your greatest strength. You must choose the accomplishment that shows the qualities which are desirable for the position and that the company puts value in. Show your passion and enthusiasm when you are talking about it.  If you have several achievements, pick just one which will make the most impact.

Remember that it is always better to talk about some small accomplishment which relates to the company’s need rather than about more powerful, but unrelated achievement.

What is your greatest achievement?

6.    Why did you leave your last job?

If you were fired from your previous job, be honest and show what you learned from that experience and what improvements were made.  Everybody can make a mistake, and the interviewer is aware of that.

If you left your last job voluntarily, then explain why you did it. You can reference to the particular characteristic that the company you are interviewing for has that you are attracted to – one that your last employer didn’t have.

Don’t badmouth your previous company or your boss. Don’t say, “It’s time for a career switch, and I’d like to try my hand at the job you are offering” or “I’m tired of doing the same old thing.”

Why did you leave your last job?

7.    Describe a difficult work situation and what was done to overcome it?

This is one more type of question where you need to choose one success story which demonstrates skills required at the job. The story must be honest, precise and concise.

Describe a difficult work situation and what was done to overcome it?

8.    Why do you want to work with us?

This question is usually asked to understand your underlying motives for wanting this job. You must show that you want to be the part of the family, not just to get paychecks.

 Talk about specific things you like about the company. Find out what are company’s needs and talk how you will fulfill them. Don’t answer that you want this job because you need money.

Why do you want to work with us?

9.    Do you have any questions?

Interesting to know that around 75%  would answer “No.”  Therefore this question gives you a chance to stand out of the crowd and show your knowledge and passion for the company. Prepare a few questions at home and ask them.

Do you have any questions?

We wish you a successful interview. And remember, the key thing is to focus on the needs of the company instead of your own when answering any job interview question.


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