What are the most well-paid army jobs in Nigeria?

What are the well-paid vacancies in Nigerian army and how to get them quickly? What are the additional bonuses for officers? Read the information below to find all necessary answers.

Jobs in army – why should you choose it

Jobs in army – why should you choose it?

Land forces of Nigeria consist of five divisions (two mechanized, armored, mixed and motor-infantry), the separate security unit of the president, separate groups and parts of fighting, technical and logistic support, and training center for armored troops (as crew). Each division has two crews in the expeditious submission: engineering and logistic support. The military-political leadership of the Federal Republic of Nigeria pays a close attention to questions of increase in fighting capacity of the national armed forces. It is caused by the fact that the army is not only the guarantor of territorial integrity of the state but also the reliable tool in hands of the government at the solution of the tasks connected with ensuring internal political stability.

Armed forces of Nigeria are one of the most numerous on the African continent (78.5 thousand people). They organizationally consist of the land forces (LF), the Air Force and Naval Forces. The Supreme Commander directs them through the Ministry of Defense and general staff of military forces. According to the new constitution of the country accepted in 1999, the Minister of Defense is civilian. Land forces are the main and most numerous types of armed forces, which has 62 thousand people. Special troops (engineering and communicative) and services are a part of LF. The first are the motor-infantry (mechanized), armored troops, and the field artillery (FA). There are following army jobs: artillery and technical, engineering, supply and transport, electromechanical, military police, medical, financial, military chaplains, physical training and sport, and orchestral.

The general management of SV is assigned to the chief of staff (the commander) of land forces. He is responsible for a state and prospects of development of this type of military forces. Being the main governing body, the headquarters make planning and the leadership in expeditious and combat training of land forces and organizes interaction with other types of armed forces. It includes seven managements (operative, administrative, military policy, planning, educational institutions, completing, and retraining of staff), educational, and research command. Groups, parts, and divisions have the following standard structure: the mechanized crew, which has headquarters, a staff company, three battalions (mechanized, motor-infantry, and easy prospecting tanks), an armored brigade, a staff company, three battalions (two tank and mechanized), artillery crew – headquarters of crew, the battery of management, two regiments of the field artillery (FA), one antiaircraft artillery, an artillery regiment, the battery of management, a construction regiment and three squadrons, prospecting battalion, six companies (three prospecting, mechanized, fighting providing, and administrative).

Land forces are armed with tanks, armored combat vehicles, and anti-aircraft artillery.

army jobs

What to do get highest paying military jobs in the civilian world?

Armed forces of Nigeria, according to the constitution of the country, are regular and are completed on a voluntary contract basis. The management of completing and retraining of staff, which is a part of the general staff of military forces, is responsible for replenishment of forces. In each state, there is special center, where a preliminary selection of recruits is conducted.

  • The command and staff college (30 km to the east Kaduna) was open in 1976 with the assistance from Great Britain. Here officers from positions not below the commander of a company and equal to it are taken. In college, there are three faculties, which depend on types of armed forces for the senior officers, and the general faculty. The program’s duration is 18 weeks. It assumes studying of questions of foreign and domestic policy, history and culture, political, economic, social, military, regional, and international problems. In college, officer’s representatives of other African countries are trained.
  • It is remarkable that in armed forces of the country there is an unspoken rule, according to which at the appointment of the new commander to the post all officers of this military formation graduated from command and Staff College have to decrease to the new duty station.
  • National military college (Abuja) is the highest military educational institution. The first listeners have been taken in June 1992. In the creation of educational material resources, significant assistance was given by the USA and the UK. The college trains experts in the field of operational management and planning, regional policy, and military economy. Annually 30-40 listeners are taken. The course duration is 11 months. University graduates are directed, as a rule, to the highest command and staff positions in operational managements, and as leading experts of the research centers and analytical groups. In college, there are also representatives of foreign armies, generally from African states.
  • Before completion of the study within the schedule graduates visit higher education institutions in other countries where they become acquainted with the process of training and education, the organization of combat training in troops, and are present at doctrines.
  • The Nigerian institute of political and strategic researchers (in Kuru) is intended for training of the highest command structure and representatives of the military-political management. Listeners study political, social, and economic problems of construction of national armed forces, the theory of the public and military administration, and are engaged in researches and development of the main directions of development of armed forces and provisions of military strategy. The term of training is nine months. Graduates prepare papers on the special subject, which then are represented by the academic council.

What to do get highest paying military jobs in the civilian world?

Young men and girls aged from 17 up to 25 years having Nigerian citizenship are taken on service in land forces. Each candidate has to submit necessary certificates and references for review a question of reception.

Service life in various army jobs 2016 in land forces is the following:

  • the second lieutenant and the lieutenant – four years,
  • the captain, the major, the lieutenant colonel, and the colonel – five years,
  • generals – according to the decision of the special commission.

The next military rank is given after an established period in the presence of positive reviews of command, after successful passing the qualification examinations providing the check of the professional standard and in the case of the satisfactory condition of health. At the same time, the candidate for receiving a colonel’s rank has to be the graduate of command and Staff College without fail. Only the officer who has graduated from national military college or Nigerian institute of political and strategic researchers (or similar foreign higher education institution) can become the general.

army jobs 2016

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According to the current legislation the age limit, at achievement of which the officer retires makes:

  • for the captain – 45 years,
  • the major – 48,
  • the lieutenant colonel – 52 years,
  • the colonel – 58 years,
  • the brigade general and the major general – 62 years,
  • the lieutenant general, the general, and the field marshal – aren't older than 70 years (according to the decision of the special commission).

Only the special commission can make the decision on the extension of service.

Highest paying military contractor jobs

Highest paying military contractor jobs

Monetary pay of the officer, depending on a rank and a position begins from 150 dollars (in recalculation from local currency). The highest paid army jobs are Warrant Officer and Master Warrant Officer (about 450 dollars). There is a system of extra charges for qualification (classiness), knowledge of a foreign language, participation in battles and special conditions of service.

The minimum service period in officer rank for receiving provision of pensions (40 percent from monetary pay) is ten years. The maximum pension can't exceed 90 percent of a monetary allowance of the serviceman during his active service.

There are financial, medical, housing, legal, and other types of providing. Besides, he has an opportunity to continue training at the expense of the state in civil higher education institutions. It is important that during this period the officer isn't subject to demobilization. The government guarantees training of children of officers in the state’s initial and average educational institutions.

Throughout almost entire independent existence of Nigeria, the country is in a condition of infinite civil wars on tribes and confessions (between Christians and Muslims). At the same time, the country has huge reserves of oil thanks to what it has created one of the strongest armies in tropical Africa. Military equipment for it was received and bought in the USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Brazil, Turkey, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, and other states. There is also own small military industrial complex. At the same time-fighting capacity of the equipment and the level of training of staff are still very low.

The highest paid army jobs

A lot of attention is paid to the strengthening of the case of junior commanders and urgent-officers. In parts and divisions, the exit commissions of personnel bodies, which select the most trained military personnel with the subsequent assignment of primary officer rank based on recommendations of command. The younger command structure of army has training in the center of land forces (of Zaria). The office of special operations where future officers gain necessary skills on conducting combat operations in the jungle is created at it.

Experts for various types of military forces of LF study at the following schools: general education and basic preparation instructors (Ilorin), artillery (cities of Lagos and Kaduna), armored troops (Bauchi), airmobile parts, engineering, army investigation (city of Lagos and Ibadan), communication (Lagos), and military police (city of Lagos and Zaria). In each division, there are educational divisions for the training of junior commanders.

Limit age of service of ordinary and non-commissioned officer's structure is 40 years, after which there is transfer to the reserve with granting pension. Before it, the military personnel is given an opportunity to be trained on special army courses of retraining for obtaining civil specialty. According to the Nigerian legislation, all retired automatically are enlisted in a reserve, where they are within three years after dismissal, and can be called on service by the special order of military authorities of the country at any time. The existence of a large number of men of military age in the country (about 17.2 million people from 15 to 49 years recognized suitable for military service) allows creating additional military and other paramilitary forces in case of need. According to plans, after the announcement of mobilization in a month the number of armed forces of Nigeria can be brought to 250 thousand people.


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