What are top reasons why employees leave?

Do you know what the main reasons why employees leave their jobs are? Check out this article to find them out!

why employees leave job

Our job is an essential part of our lives. During the lifetime we change the number of jobs, and every time we have various reasons for it. In some countries, like Japan, people have only one job for their whole lives, changing it there is something that French call “mauvais ton”.
Anyway, changing your or just leaving the old one is something very usual. Let us figure out the general reasons why employees quit their jobs.


misunderstanding in cillective

Your colleagues can turn your life into hell. There a lot of types of people in the companies. The most common is people who have worked at the same place for years and they consider themselves as a department kings and don’t take the opinion of young experts to their consideration.
The discrimination also exists in some enterprises. It sounds ridiculous, but sometimes grown people behave like children. Besides the racism (it has almost disappeared) currently the most frequent discrimination types are ageism and sexism.
Some of old employees just don’t accept the fact that someone younger or a woman is able to perform the same work as they do. So they start making everything possible to get rid of that person.


low salary

Most of the people are only ruled by their desire to gain money choosing their jobs. Salary is the first thing you ask about when you complete all the interviews, as money is the main reason why people work.
Unfortunately, many types of difficult jobs are low-paid. For example, bank workers daily operate with big sums. Their job requires concentration and a lot of time. But in most of the countries they don’t get much of money.
So, people who feel overqualified for the miserable salary they obtain, just leave the companies.

Lack of motivation

bad motivation

Motivation is the part that affects the effectivity and the results of your job. Some employees just need a spare work, because they are able to work more and faster than his or her colleagues.
Doing nothing, they just feel unneeded. But in most of the situations the company’s management just doesn’t notice it, and people stay unused without showing the full potential.
No wonder, they just leave the enterprises because of their depression.

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Better job

dream job

Everyone dreams about it. But it doesn’t mean that this is the type of your dreams that never come true. Everything is possible to be found. A better job is not an exception.
For someone, better job means a higher salary. For others it is just the better office location and their time economy which appears thanks to it.
For the company bosses people who find new and better jobs are real problem, because it means loosing good specialists and new expenses for finding and teaching new people.


conflicts in company

Conflicts are a frequent thing in any company. It doesn’t always mean conflicts with colleagues or with your boss. Some people are just unable to co-exist and conflicts appear to happen really fast.
The main reasons for conflicts are different views on performing the job.
But the most common type of conflicts are the conflicts with the company management. Some managers just can’t face that an ordinary employee knows more than they do. That’s why some managers just make some workers leave.




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