What are types of nursing jobs and how to become a nurse in Nigeria?

What requirements are executed by the nurse in Nigerian hospitals? What educational institutions can help you to get this job? Read the article to learn how to work on prestigious position.

Nurse job

Each person for all the life at least once faced with such profession as nurse. In various policlinics and hospitals, nurses provide care of patients. They make out all documentation and perform additional work on reception at the doctor. Nurse job is usually studied by people in the highest, average medical educational institutions of the country. An innovation in this branch is distance learning of nurses. Experts gain knowledge and recommendations from the colleagues from other countries of the world on various systems on the Internet. Various organizations help such workers to receive additional degrees, categories and to master new skills. One of such companies is LPNBSN.net firm. On the official site of this nurse school, the subject of receiving degrees of LPN and BSN for citizens of all countries of the world is opened in detail.

nurse school

Nurse practitioner performs a huge range of work in medical institution nowadays. Their knowledge and experience influence work of doctors, health of patients, speed of registration of documentation and other important processes during treatment of the patient. Nurses supervise delivery of the main analyses of the patient, make out doctor's instructions, create new documents, and give directions in other medical institutions. During work with patients, nurses often visit them at home. Sometimes they give additional medical care of them and regulate general course of illness of the patient. Such departures are periodical and practiced in all medical organizations of the world. Work of nurses is invaluable. Thanks to them, all process of treatment takes place up to standard. The doctor independently couldn't perform all range of work on assistance to patients and execute registration of all documentation during working day.

Nurse practitioner

Nurses are divided on work profile:

  • The chief nurse is an expert with higher medical education graduating from faculty of the higher nurse education of university. She deals with issues of rational organization of work, professional development of the average and junior medical staff of hospital and takes control of their work.
  • The senior nurse gives help to the manager of office of hospital in administrative questions, organizes and controls work of charge nurses and junior medical staff.
  • The ward nurse carries out medical appointments to the patient in the wards assigned to her, watches condition of patients, carries out care of them and organizes their nutrition.
  • Nurse anesthetist carries out medical appointments (intravenous injections), helps when carrying out manipulations, which only the doctor has a right to carry out, and makes capture of blood from a vein for researches.

Nurse anesthetist

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  • Nurse assistant helps the surgeon at surgical interventions, prepares surgical tools for operation, etc.
  • The local nurse helps the get the doctor on reception of the patients living on the site assigned to him, to carry out medical procedures on doctor's orders at home and to participate in preventive actions.
  • The dietary nurse under the leadership of dietitian is responsible for organization and quality of medical foods, makes the menu, and controls culinary processing and distribution of food and also a sanitary condition of kitchen and dining room for patients.

Nurse assistant

How to become a nurse?

The medicine in Nigeria is at development stage, though the country health care sector long time constantly stayed in the center of attention of the international organizations. At the same time needs for highly qualified medical personnel are significantly felt in the country, and it will be rather easy for you to get a job of the nurse.

First of all, you need to choose at what university you want to be trained. In Nigeria, there are medical universities, such as university of Ibadan, schools in Zaire and Lagos, in the city of Kano and Sokoto, where future doctors can get a qualitative education. There are schools based on training of nurses and other educational facilities.

Nurse practitioner salary

The mixed form of healthcare system is characteristic for Nigeria. Both state and private sectors of medical care work in parallel here. But the main massif of qualified medics in Nigeria is concentrated in private hospitals. The state medical centers give help not worse, but intensive care units meet much less often here. Usually they can be met only in large hospitals in resort areas or in big cities, and you should pay attention to it before choosing in what hospital you want to work. After you have decided your place of work, you can go to the interview. Consider that a certain set of documents will be required from you. At last, you can put on your new nurse uniform and begin your work!

Nurse salary

Nurse practitioner salary depends on a set of factors, such as place of work and experience. It begins with N200K and can reach about N430K per month.

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